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macos high sierra security update 2017-001

Apple Releases Security Update To Patch macOS High Sierra Root SuperUser Breach

Less than a day since the major macOS High Sierra root superuser bug has been detected and tweeted by Lemi Orhan, Apple has issued a Security Update labeled 2017-001 which patches this macOS vulnerability and secures Mac from unauthorized third party access. We’ve already shown you yesterday, how to temporarily fix the glitch and now…

macOS High Sierra root admin Security bug.

How To Fix macOS High Sierra Root Superuser Bug That Allows Full Admin Access Without A Password

A huge macOS High Sierra security flaw has just been uncovered by developer Lemi Orhan which allows a root superuser on any Mac running the above mentioned OS version to gain full admin access without providing any password. This situation requires your utmost attention and below you can find a temporary fix to patch this…