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NBC Presidential Election Widgets on iPhone Home Screen

Get Presidential Election Widget For Home Screen (Latest Polls, Early Voting, Results & More)

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election finale is only a few days away and you can now add a personalized widget to your iOS 14 Home Screen. Get the National Poll Average, the Latest Polls, Early Voting stats, Election News and ultimately the Election Results at a glance on your iPhone with the help of the…

TikTok downloads to be banned in the United States

Breaking: TikTok and WeChat Downloads To Be Banned In The US

TikTok and WeChat downloads in the United States will be banned starting with Sunday, September 20! Reuters reports that the U.S. Commerce Department plans to move on with the order that attempts to limit the activities of the two Chinese-owned social media platforms….

AT&T 5G nationwide coverage

AT&T Claims Its 5G Network Is Available Nationwide In The US

AT&T has recently announced that its 5G network has reached the nationwide availability status in the United States. The rollout began slowly starting with the major U.S. cities back in 2017. By nationwide understand that it’s available in every state and important city. Rural areas are still left out of course, as many of them…