Apple Watch SE Overheating (HeatGate) Flares Up In South Korea

Apple Watch SE Overheating Issue

Apple Watch SE Overheating Issue

If you’re an Apple Watch SE owner you have to read this! It appears that a certain batch of the low-cost 2020 Apple Watch is having a manufacturing problem that causes serious overheating! The issue is significant because it bricks the watchOS 7 device!

According to a Reddit topic, the Apple Watch SE overheating is so strong that a yellowish burnout mark remains visible in the top-right corner of the screen! That’s the area above the display connectors. The Taptic Engine and the Digital Crown should be also nearby, if the Apple Watch SE internals are similar with older models.

apple watch se yellow burnout marks from overheating

Apple Watch SE yellow burnout marks from overheating. Source: Reddit

Apple Watch SE Overheating Facts

  • All cases that have been documented on Reddit have happened in South Korea, which is a strong indicator that the problem might be isolated to a single manufacturing batch.
  • All Watches that have overheated are the smaller 40 mm size, and come with both GPS and cellular functionality! The manufacturing flaw occurs in both Silver and Space Gray color models. Nike Edition Apple Watch SE seems to be affected to.
  • The yellow burnout mark on the display is quite far away from the battery, which makes the manufacturing flaw a bit less dangerous for the user.
  • The Apple Watch SE doesn’t turn on anymore after the overheating incident. It does react with audio alerts when pinged via the Find My app, however its rendered unusable!
  • All owners plagued by this Apple Watch SE heatgate have received a replacement model from Apple!

Apple Watch SE HeatGate Risks

If you own an Apple Watch SE that fits the profile of the overheating cases described above, avoid to sleep with the device strapped on your wrist.

user hand with red skin from apple watch se overheating

Users hand with red skin marks from Apple Watch SE overheating. Source: Reddit

Two out of the six overheating incidents occurred while the smartwatch was on the wrist, causing red skin and discomfort to the user. In one situation the owner was woken up by the heat on its wrist.
All other 4 cases happened while the Watch was connected to the charger.
All incidents occurred in a short time frame after the Apple Watch SE was unboxed. Some in the first couple hours of usage while others up to 3 days after the new owner started using the smartwatch.

Important: If you’re an Apple Watch SE owner, don’t panic, but act with caution. There have been millions of Apple Watch SE models already sold and only 6 devices have been plagued by the Heat Gate. However, it’s better to be careful until we get an official point of view from Apple.

Are you an Apple Watch SE owner? Let us know if you experienced any overheating since you purchased the device. Use the comments section available below.

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