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macbook air overheats when gaming

MacBook Air Heating Up When Playing Games? (Fix?)

Is your Macbook heating up when playing games and not only? Does this happen after updating to macOS Ventura? You’re wondering if it’s safe to continue gaming or you should better stop?…

iPhone unusable after update to ios 16

iPhone Very Hot, Extremely Slow, Unusable After Update (Fix)

Is your iPhone very hot after iOS 16 update? Device is slow with visible performance issues, sometimes crashing in a loop? All this leads to fast battery drain? Charging also stops prematurely because device gets too hot and becomes literally unusable?…

iphone battery draining fast ios 15.5

iPhone Battery Draining Fast, Overheating? (iOS 15.5 Fix!)

Is iPhone battery draining fast while the device is used normally? Does the smartphone overheat without performing any complex multitasking actions? This can be a common issue in iOS 15.5 and its predecessors iOS 15.4.1 and iOS 15.4!…

AirPods case overheating when charging

AirPods Pro Case Overheating When Charging (Melted !?)

Is your AirPods Pro case overheating when charging? Is it getting too hot to touch? Keep an eye on it because a recent report on Reddit shows a case that has melted on the backside in the are where it had direct contact with the MagSafe charger….

iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating in Safari

iPhone 13 Pro Max Overheating In Safari (Left Side Area)

Is your iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating weeks after you started using it? Is the left side of the device getting hot? In the area of the Volume buttons? Does this happen when you browse the web in Safari?…