How To Fix Mail Notifications Not Working On iPhone (iOS 15)

Mail notifications not working on iPhone

Mail notifications not working on iPhone

Are Mail notifications not working on iPhone and iPad after updating to iOS 15, respectively iPadOS 15? You’re only informed that you have new emails waiting to be read when you open the app? This is a common issue but can be solved easily, as explained below.

Mail Notifications Not Working

Numerous readers have reported issues with notifications not working in iOS 15.

Anda informs:

“Mail notifications not working. I only find out about new messages if I open the app.”

We could replicate this issue and have found out that the problem is caused by a default iCloud Mail notification setting!

How To Fix Mail Notifications Not Working

how to turn On iCloud Mail notifications
Although Mail is set to allow notifications, with immediate delivery on Lock Screen, Notification Center and Banners if notifications on your iCloud account are only set to Badges you won’t get notified when new emails are available.

  • Open Settings and tap on Notifications.
  • Scroll for Mail.
  • Tap on Customize Notifications, available at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the account that you’re using and select Alerts instead of Badges.
  • Credits: Big thanks to Myriam for sharing the fix with us!

Have you managed to fix Mail notifications not working? Do you have any other questions or suggestions? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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