5 Ways To Fix WhatsApp Crashing On iPhone Again And Again

WhatsApp crashing on iPhone again and again

WhatsApp crashing on iPhone again and again.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging apps available for smartphones. It’s cross-platform and free to use, which makes it appealing for both iOS, Android and Windows platform users. You can use WhatsApp for texting, group chats, video calling, group calling without the limitation of being an iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone brand owner.

However, even the best and highest budget apps do come with bugs. It can happen for WhatsApp to crash your iPhone. Crashes occur out of several reasons. Not enough RAM memory, limited storage space or various bugs that get triggered by certain factors like hack messages. WhatsApp can crash iPhone when you open a chat, while you receive a text, after an update and more. The most annoying problem though, is when WhatsApp crashes again and again while you open the app, without you being able to do anything.

Update (October 25): WhatsApp is currently experiencing a global downtime. There’s nothing you can do about it. Be patient and cover this issue here.

How To Fix WhatsApp Crashing On iPhone

If WhatsApp keeps crashing on your iPhone again and again, here is how to break the loop:

1. Force Quit WhatsApp

how to force quit WhatsApp on iPhone The first and most obvious troubleshooting tip is to quit the app completely. Returning to the home screen isn’t enough, because the software remains dormant in the app switcher. To kill WhatsApp for good you have to force close it.

How To: Open the iOS app switcher and swipe-up the Whatsapp card until it disappears. Now when you get back to the Home screen and tap the app’s icon, the software will start fresh and the crashing bug could miraculously go away.

2. Clear iPhone RAM

how to reset iPhone RAM memory If fix no. 1 didn’t do the job, you can attempt to flush your iPhone’s RAM memory and see if this debugs the Facebook-owned social messaging app. This will give a fresh boost to your iOS device by freeing up RAM, which could be the origin of the WhatsApp crashes.

How To: If you own an iPhone with Face ID you have to apply the special clear RAM memory trick described here.

Users of older iPhone models that are equipped with a physical Home Button, can reset the RAM as instructed in this article.

3. Start A New Chat

how to start new WhatsApp chat from iOS Home screen If WhatsApp on your iPhone crashes right after you open the app, over and over again you can try to break this loop by starting a new chat. The Home Screen quick action menu is helpful in this case. It allows you to generate a WhatsApp command without needing to bring up the app on the screen.

How To: On your iPhone’s Home screen, long-press on the WhatsApp icon until the Quick Actions pop up. Tap on ‘New Chat’ and WhatsApp will open and display the list of contacts available for a new conversation.

4. Force Restart iPhone

how to force restart the iphone x If fix no. 3 did not work either, your next option is to reboot your iPhone. You can do it the classic way by shutting down your iOS device and powering it back on after a few seconds. Or, use a pro trick that allows you to hard reboot your Apple smartphone.

How To: Click and release Volume Up -> Click and release Volume Down -> Click & hold Side button until the Apple logo flashes on the screen. Be patient until the iPhone reboots. Swipe up to unlock and provide the Passcode before you’re ready to go.

Fact: If you use an iPhone with a Home button you have to apply a different force restart command, the one described here.

5. Delete And Reinstall

how to reinstall whatsappOne of your last options if WhatsApp is continuing to crash over and over again is to delete the app from your iPhone and install it fresh!

This way you also make sure that you run the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS. A reinstall might also fix any lingering bugs.

How To: I recommend you to use the Offload feature. It will save your documents and data. Browse for Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> WhatsApp -> Offload App -> Reinstall.

Tip: Also check WhatsApp for updates in the App Store (direct link).

Did any of the fixes listed above solve WhatsApp crashing on iPhone again and again? Let us know in the comments section available below. Also don’t hesitate to mention other successful troubleshooting tips that we left out!

Update (October 4, 2021): WhatsApp crashing worldwide due to global downtime. FB Messenger and Instagram, all Facebook-owned apps are also down!

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