How To Get ‘Hey Siri What’s My Update’ Personal Report On iPhone & Apple Watch

What's My Update available on iPhone

‘What’s My Update’ available on iPhone

Apple has suggested that the ‘Hey Siri, what’s my update’ feature is HomePod exclusive. However, we noticed that the daily Personal Update is also available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. You can ask Siri about your personal report and get detailed info about today’s weather, what’s on your calendar, travel time, upcoming reminders and even a short news briefing.

All that you have to do to enable the ‘What’s my update’ voice command on your iPhone, is to make sure that your device runs iOS 14.2 or later. You also need Location Services enabled on your iOS or iPadOS device!

How To Enable ‘What’s My Update’ on iPhone

how to fix what's my update on iphone

  • 1. Open Settings.
  • 2. Scroll for Privacy.
  • 3. Enable Location Services.
  • 4. Scroll for Siri & Dictation.
  • 5. Make sure that Precise Location is enabled!
    Fact: Precise Location allows Siri to include local weather and travel time info in your Personal Update report!

How To Get Personal Update On iPhone

what's my update personal report on iphone
Wake Siri by pressing & holding the Side Button or using the Hey Siri feature.
Command: What’s my update?
Listen or read your personal report!
Fact: Upcoming events and reminders are only included if you have them scheduled in your Calendar and Reminders app.

How To Remove News From Personal Update

Siri provides a short news update at the end of each report. However, you might not be interest in this part.
More, the News app isn’t available in every country. This will bring up the ‘Sorry, news isn’t available on the iTunes Store in your country’ error.
Fortunately, you can remove the news part from your Personal Update.
Command: ‘Hey Siri, remove the news from my update!’ and your virtual assistant will skip the news part when you ask about your daily update.

What’s My Update on Apple Watch?

The feature definitely works on the HomePod as soon as the smart speaker is updated to software version 14.2. As shown above, it definitely works on the iPhone.
hey siri what's my update on apple watch
Surprisingly, it also seems to be available on the Apple Watch although Apple never mentioned anything about this. You do need to install watchOS 7.1 or later.
How to: Raise your wrist and command ‘Hey Siri, what’s my update?’
Your virtual assistant will display and speak out your personal update for the day!

Fact: Our test have shown that the Personal Update feature works on and off on the Apple Watch. We had interrogations that also returned the ‘There is no update’ error message.
One other difference is that sometimes the Apple Watch won’t include scheduled events in Calendar in the report. They don’t miss on the personal report displayed on your iPhone though.

It seems that the feature isn’t fine tuned enough for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad. What’s your feedback?

Did you know that the ‘What’s my update’ report is also available on iPhone? Does the Personal Update feature work on your device? Use the comments section and let us know!

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