How To Get Same Size Tiles For Everyone During FaceTime Group Call

Group FaceTime call on iPhone with Prominence feature On

Group FaceTime call on iPhone with Prominence feature On.

It’s all about video conferencing nowadays. The COVID-19 pandemic is still forcing most of us to work from home and stay at home to limit the outspread of the new coronavirus. Popular video calling apps have introduced enhancements to make their services more user-oriented and to attract as many members as possible. WhatsApp has doubled the size of its video meeting limit, Google offers its premium video conferencing Meet service for free, Skype has added the customizable background feature and so on.

Now, it’s time for Apple to make a move. FaceTime is probably one of the most reliable video calling platforms. However, the major downside is that it’s only available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV owners. No, Apple hasn’t decided to make FaceTime available for Android and other non-Apple iOS, yet! It has added a small customization feature that gives you option to opt out from the dynamic view mode. This change has been implemented in iOS 13.5 and will allow members from a group video calls to set same size tiles for everyone in the conference!

FaceTime’s default call mode is set to automatically enlarge the tile of the person that’s speaking. However, this might not be ideal in case of a large group when people sometimes end up talking at once or quickly one after the other.
Tip: You still have the option to manually enlarge a person’s tile by tapping it!
Fact: Apple currently allows up to 32 participants in a video or audio conference call!

How To Disable The FaceTime Automatic Prominence Feature
how to disable the FaceTime automatic prominence feature Note: This feature is available only on iPhone models running iOS 13.5 or later.
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Scroll for FaceTime and tap it.
3. Scroll to the Automatic Prominence section.
4. Toggle off the knob next to the Speaking label.
Fact: It’s unclear yet if Apple will choose to keep the dynamic mode on by default or if it will deactivate it when you update to iOS 13.5.

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