How To Share Your Apple Watch Activity Progress With iOS Contacts

Apple Watch Activity Sharing screen

Apple Watch Activity Sharing screen.

The Apple Watch has received new life with the release of watchOS 3. The 3rd generation adds another level of motivation to the wearable’s owners, when it comes to completing the daily fitness goals. Now, you can share your Activity app data with iOS Contacts that own an Apple smartwatch. So, if you don’t wanna be left behind, you’d better focus on filling up those rings and show your Friends that you’re in shape.

First of all, you need to activate your Activity app Sharing feature and connect with those Contacts that you want to compete with. Once you send and invite and it gets accepted, there’s no way back! Your wearable will automatically ping your friends whenever you complete your Rings, finish a Workout or earn Achievements. Don’t worry, if others get lazy, you can easily check their progress and even message them if you think that they need a little moral boost!

How To Enable Activity App Sharing Feature
Share Activity Get Started screen Step 1: To be able to share your Rings you first have to configure the Activity app on your Apple Watch.
Step 2: Make sure that your smartwatch is running watchOS 3 or later. Else, please update the software on your Apple Watch.
Step 3: Grab the paired iPhone and open the Activity app. Tap Sharing, available in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
Step 4: Next, hit the pink Get Started button to confirm that you want to configure the Activity app Sharing option.
Step 5: If you haven’t connected your Apple ID with the Apple Watch app on your paired iPhone you have to Sign in now.

How To Add Friends
invite Contacts to share Apple Watch Activity Before you can actually start sharing, you need to connect with Friends. They have to own an Apple Watch that runs watchOS 3 or later. Tap the “+” button, top-right corner of the Sharing screen, available on the iPhone’s Activity app. This will allow you to invite Contacts and ask them to share their Apple Watch activity with you.
Use the Suggestions tool and allow your iPhone to highlight contacts that own an Apple Watch. Select the desired names and hit Send. As soon as your friends accept the challenge their, name will appear, within a label, on the Sharing page available from the paired iPhone or directly on your wrist!

How To Check The Activity Data
After your invites are accepted you can open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Do it directly from your Watch Face, if you’re using the Analogue or Digital Activity Face or via complications.
Swipe-left on the Activity app home screen, to bring up the second card that hosts the Sharing data. Here you can find a list with the Names of all Friends from your community along with the daily progress summary. Tap on a Contact to explore more data and even Send Message. Encourage, congratulate or simply poke your Contact!
Tip: Increase your Move Goal to impress your competitors!

5 Activity App Sharing Tips and Tricks
1. Check For Invites – Others can invite you to share your Activity data too. If you miss the notification, you can check the Activity app available on your paired iPhone for any incoming invites.
Fact: The maximum amount of fitness friends is currently set at 25.

Apple Watch Activity Sharing Message option2. Send Message To All is an option that allows you to send the same text to all Friends from your Activity Sharing community. Whenever you’re on a personal best run make sure that all of your Contacts know it. Open Activity on your Apple Watch, swipe for Sharing section and scroll all the way down until you reach the “Send message to all” option. You can use Suggested texts, Dictate or Scribble your thoughts.

3. Mute Notifications – If you’re having a busy day, or if you simply have a lot of sharing Contacts you might wanna Mute Activity notifications to avoid too many distractions. You can mute notifications for each Friend listed in your Sharing list. Open Activity on the paired iOS device and view the Sharing tab. Select the Contact that you want to silence and hit Mute Notifications. In case you reconsider, repeat these steps and tap on Unmute Notifications.

4. Stop Sharing – If you don’t want to show your data to a specific Contact, open Activity on your iPhone and open the Sharing view. Select the Friend in question. Now, hit Remove Friend. Do mind that if you stop sharing you will also stop seeing the fitness progress of that particular Contact. If you proceed and later reconsider you have to send a new Invite to resume sharing.

5. Hide Your Data – In case you’re filling ill or simply have a bad day and don’t want to expose your weakness, you can temporarily block a Friend from accessing your progress. This is also achieved from the Activity app on the paired iPhone. On the Sharing view, select the Friend in question and tap Hide my Activity. This move allows you to continue to see your friend’s Ring-fill. However, don’t abuse this option as you might risk to get uncovered. Tap Show my Activity to resume sharing.