watchOS 3 Available To The General Public – Check All Updates and Changes

watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

watchOS 3 on Apple Watch.

After a few months of successful beta testing, Apple has made the 3rd watchOS generation available for download, for everyone owning the revolutionary smartwatch. The firmware is available via the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone and comes with a series of important changes and new features. A series of them have been already featured on our website while all the others are presented below.

One significant change is that you can now pair more than one Watch to a single iPhone. Apple Watch also becomes more user friendly with international customers with the help of the new language support. Apple also advertises improvements to Maps but probably the most important change is that apps load and run much faster, especially those that are used frequently. watchOS 3 now supports background app refresh. More, apps that are used with complications are prioritized and launch instantly, as well as all apps that are included in your Apple Watch Dock!

watchOS 3 Software Update How To Update To watchOS 3
Upgrading your Watch to the latest OS is done over-the-air. Grab the paired iPhone and open the Apple Watch app. I would recommend you to run iOS 10 on the smartphone. On the My Watch view, tap on General -> Software Update. Allow your iPhone some time to look up for the latest watchOS version. Once found, hit Download and Install to start the process. The watchOS 3 firmware package is first downloaded and then uploaded to your Apple Watch.

Fact: Make sure that the wearable is connected to the charger and has the battery percentage above 60%. Else, you have to postpone installing watchOS 3.

Tip: Place your Apple Watch on a desk or somewhere else and not on your wrist. It will warmup during the update process. This will spare you from the sensation of discomfort and from potential harmful RF exposure.

All watchOS 3 Updates and Changes
Next, you can find a list with the most important changes featured by this 3rd watchOS generation. Check out the video available at the end of this article to read the complete update log:
– Apps launch much more faster and contain updated information with the help of the new Dock panel.
– A series of 4 new Watch Faces are available. They can now easily be browsed, by swiping left or right on the Watch Face view.
Activity data can now be shared with family and friends. These allows you to compare and compete to gain higher fitness motivation.
Workouts are on tap away and display all metrics on the main screen.
Breathe is a new native watchOS 3 app that reminds you to relax through the day, with the help of breathing exercises.
Messages has also been updated allowing your multiple ways of communication.
The Scribble feature converts handwriting in to text.
Home is a new app, available on the iPhone too, that allows you to manage your home automation products.
Emergency SOS allows you to call for help in dramatic situations.