iOS 15.2 Beta 3 Download, Features, Bugs & More

iOS 15.2 Beta 3

iOS 15.2 Beta 3

Apple has seeded iOS 15.2 Beta 3 with build number 19C5044b. This third test version comes one week after the release of Beta 2. It doesn’t include too many new features as we’re getting closer to the Release Candidate version.

iOS 15.2 Beta 3 Download

iOS 15.2 beta 3 download
This new beta is available over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update on all compatible iPhone and iPad models, that run an appropriate iOS 15 Configuration Profile!

Fact: The update file is 833.8 MB large when updating from Beta 2 and around 6.27 GB if you update from iOS 15.1.

Important: iOS 15.2 Beta 3 is currently only available to registered Apple Developers. But it should be released in the next hours, or by the latest, tomorrow for Public Beta testers too.

How to: You can download the iOS 15 & iPadOS 15 Beta Profile for free on the Apple Beta Software Program web page. A step-by-step guide is available here.

iOS 15.2 Beta 3 Features

The release notes mention a single new feature, but other changes might be included in this third beta. If you spot anything new, don’t hesitate to inform us using the comments section:

  • Reminders tags can now be renamed and deleted in bulk.
  • macro control toggle settings in iOS 15.2

  • Macro Control is the new name of Auto Macro. This is a new toggle that was introduced in Beta 2 which allows user to display a Macro mode toggle in the Camera app, that quickly enables Macro photos on iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max devices.
  • limit ip address tracking in ios 15.2

  • Limit IP Address Tracking is a renaming of the iCloud Private Relay option available in the Wi-Fi and Cellular settings sections. Only the wording has changed. The feature works the same.
  • Playlist search in Apple Music

  • Search Playlist option added in Apple Music.
  • To be updated.
  • Fact: These new features are compared to the previous beta. To check out all new features included in iOS 15.2 so far, read our Beta 1 and Beta 2 reviews.

iOS 15.2 Beta 3 Release Notes

iOS 15.2 beta 3 release notes
The highlighted release notes in the Software Update screen mention ‘bug fixes and performance improvements’. However, we get more details in the Developer release notes. Check them by viewing the above screenshots or on Apple’s website here.

iOS 15.2 Beta 3 Bugs

Apple doesn’t mention bug fixes in this update log but most of the times these are included in the betas without being highlighted. Below you can find a collection of problems that we discovered or have been submitted by readers:

Known Issues

Check out a list of the common iOS 15.1 & iOS 15.2 issues. Help us determine which have been fixed and which not. Use the comments section:

  • Apple Music batter draining issue caused by a higher CPU usage when streaming songs. (Status: Not fixed)
  • Adding COVID Vaccination cards to Wallet app not working. Records might also freeze the Health app. (Status: Not fixed.)
  • Shortcuts app crashing when launching every time. (Status: Not fixed)
  • Notification Summary can’t be closed in the Lock Screen. (Status: Not fixed)
  • Videos won’t autoplay in Photos. (Status: Fixed)
  • To be updated.

Problems Fixed

If you notice any iOS 15 issues that are fixed in this release please let us know and we will update them here.

  • To be updated.

New Bugs

New problems encountered in iOS 15.2 Beta 3 are listed below. Don’t hesitate to report them.

  • To be updated.

Have you updated iPhone to iOS 15.2 Beta 3 or iPad to iPadOS 15.2 Beta 3? What’s your feedback? Do you have questions or suggestions? What about new bugs? Use the comments section!

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