AirPods 4A402 Firmware Update: Features, Bugs & More

AirPods Pro 4A402 Update

AirPods Pro 4A402 Update

Apple has released AirPods firmware 4A402, more than a month since version 4A400 was released to the public. This is a minor update that focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements.

AirPods 4A402 Firmware Update

AirPods Pro 4a402 firmware update
This update seems to be available only for the AirPods Pro. The compatible earbuds will automatically install the new version when the proper update conditions are met. This can take from a couple of days to a few weeks.

Fact: It also brings a case version update to 1.3.5.

Important: Apple has also rolled out AirPods 3 firmware 4B66!

How To Update AirPods Pro To Firmware 4A402

You can manually force the AirPods to update right now. By following these steps:

1. Check AirPods Pro Firmware Version

how to check AirPods Pro firmware version
First, check to see the current firmware version. You might be in for a surprise:

  • Connect AirPods to iPhone or iPad.
  • Open Settings and go for Bluetooth.
  • Tap the i icon next to the AirPods name
  • Scroll until you reach the About section and check out the Version number. If it’s 4A400 it means that the update hasn’t taken place and you can go ahead and force it.
  • Tip: Tap on the firmware number to reveal the Case version!

2. Force The AirPods Pro 4A402 Update

how to force AirPods firmware update
There’s not Firmware Update section in the AirPods settings page, but we know that the AirPods search for new software when certain conditions are met:

Tip: Before you start make sure that both AirPods and iPhone are connected to charger and have finished charging!

  • 1. Connect AirPods to iPhone or iPad and play some music for one minute or so.
  • 2. Plug the AirPods case in to a power source using the USB to Lightning cable, or MagSafe charging.
  • 3. Insert the AirPods back in their case while keeping them connected to iPhone (lid open).
  • 4. Keep iPhone unlocked with the screen turned ON on the Bluetooth settings screen.
  • 5. Close AirPods case and maintain iPhone with screen On. The earphones will disconnect from iPhone.
  • 6. Wait a couple of minutes. Open the case to reconnect AirPods. Check firmware version! Has it updated to 4A402?

AirPods 4A402 Firmware Features

Apple doesn’t issue any released notes for AirPods firmware updates. We’re currently testing out this new release and will update this section if we spot any changes.

Fact: While version 4A400 introduced Conversation Boost and Advanced Find My Integration, there doesn’t seem any new features included in this release.

  • To be updated.

Fact: We’re also relying on your help. So if you notice a change while using AirPods Pro with firmware 4A402, don’t hesitate to inform us in the comments section.

AirPods 4A402 Firmware Bugs

Do you notice any issues fixed by this release? Any new problems found in this version will be also updated here. Thanks, in advance, for your contribution!

Known Issues

  • Notify When Left Behind not working properly. The feature triggers erroneous alerts when AirPods are in the user’s pocket.
  • Airpods audio cutting out and unexpectedly disconnecting from Mac. (Unclear if this is AirPods related or a macOS Monterey issue.)
  • AirPods Case battery draining faster than usual.
  • AirPods Pro auto pairing not working properly. It takes a long time for audio to start playing although earbuds are connected.
  • AirPods Pro won’t auto pair with non-Apple devices (older Macs either). Setting them to pair ‘When Last Connected’, doesn’t prevent them to automatically pair to the first iPhone available in the devices list.

New Bugs

  • To be updated. (Hopefully not.)

Have you updated AirPods Pro to firmware 4A402? What’s your feedback? Use the comments section.

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