Fix iPhone 12 Pro Display Flickering Grey / Green Tint (No True Black)

iPhone 12 display flickering bug (greenish tint)

iPhone 12 display flickering green tint issue.

We’ve already reported about the yellow screen problem of the iPhone 12 lineup. However, a similar issue has flared up that’s causing the iPhone 12 Pro display to flicker and show shades of grey (green) tint background instead of the true black color. This error can be spotted when the device is displaying a pure black background and the Brightness level isn’t sent to maximum.

iPhone 12 Display Flickering Test

iphone 12 pro vs iphone xs black screen comparison

iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone XS black background comparison | Source: Apple Discussion Forums

The intermittent gray / green flickering is triggered when the iPhone has to display a black background. If you haven’t noticed yet, you can test it out by playing a pure black video, full-screen on your iPhone.
Test: Here is a pure black YouTube video that you can play right now and check for yourself.
Is your iPhone 12 screen flickering sporadic and displaying a grey or greenish color before they go full black?

iPhone 12 Pro OLED Flickering YouTube Demo

One of the first to report this problem was YouTuber m4x1k. You can check out his demo of the iPhone 12 Pro screen flickering grey, green and yellowish colors while playing a video with black background:

How To Fix iPhone 12 Grey Screen Flickering

Apparently this is a software bug and should be solved by Apple in an upcoming update. You can apply the following troubleshooting tips as temporary workaround until we have the official fix:

1. Set Brightness To Maximum

The only known way to prevent this iPhone 12 screen flickering from happening is to set the device’s brightness level to the maximum!
You can either do this from the Control Center. Or from the Settings app.
If you do it in Settings you can also disable automatic brightness control and make sure that the high display intensity remains as default to prevent future grey screen flickering.
How To: Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Automatic (turn off)

Important: Setting your Brightness level to the maximum and displaying the automatic adjustment will considerably increase the battery drain of your device!

Tip: Some readers suggest that Brightness values over 90% should also work. You’ll have to test it out and see for yourself.

2. Reduce White Point

You can also try to enable the Reduce White Point accessibility feature, with the iPhone Brightness level set to maximum. This will force your devices screen to dim and avoid extra battery drain, while the Brightness setting stays at 100%.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t replicate this issue on our own devices, but we would love if you could try it out and share the outcome in the comments section available below.
how to enable Reduce White Point in ios 14

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll for Accessibility.
  • Tap on Display & Text Size.
  • Scroll for Reduce White Point and enable it.
    Tip: Use the slider to set the intensity of bright color reduction. The higher the values the more dimmed the display of your iPhone will become.

Is your iPhone 12 screen also flickering and displaying a gray tint on black backgrounds? Does the above troubleshooting tip work on your device? Have you found a better way to fix it? Don’t hesitate to comment and share your feedback.

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