How To Fix iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen Bug (Touch Sensitivity Issues)

iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen bug

iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen bug

Are you encountering Touch screen problems on your brand new iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen? Is the device not reacting when you’re swiping up from the bottom of the screen to unlock it? You’re not the only one. We’ve revived close to a dozen mails on our bug report page about this issue!

The natural gesture to unlock an iPhone with Face ID is to swipe-up with your thumb, because your palm and the other fingers are used to hold the device. Strange enough, the iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen issue occurs mostly when you use your thumb. Performing the gesture with another finger such as your index, will trigger the normal unlock action. The trade off is that you have to use both of your hands to unlock and iPhone 12 mini plagued by the Lock Screen bug.

More: This iPhone 12 mini touch sensitivity problem doesn’t affect just the unlocking gesture. All icons on the Lock Screen seem to be affected. Using the Flashlight or Camera shortcuts also trigger the bug. And the same goes for interacting with notifications!

Update (November 19): Apple has just released iOS 14.2.1 with a fix for the iPhone 12 mini Lock screen bug! This release appears to be available for iPhone 12 models only.

What’s Causing The iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen Issue?

This problem most likely caused by a touch sensitivity error. Most likely, Apple will be able to fix this bug via an urgent software update.
The way the bug acts, not recognizing your thumb but detecting other fingers, suggests that the device has a problem with detecting pressure. When trying to unlock the iPhone one-handed with your thumb you’re tempted to apply more pressure.
Important: The iPhone 12 mini touch sensitivity issue doesn’t occur on Home Screen or during other stages of using the device, excepting the Lock Screen. Swiping-up for the App Switcher, with your thumb, works without problem. This gives us hope that we’re dealing with a software bug that can be fixed with a software update!

How To Fix iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen Issue

As mentioned above, you’ll have to wait for an official fix via a software update from Apple. However, here are some troubleshooting tips that you can apply to temporary fix this bug or reduce its impact:

1. Remove Case

According to some readers the iPhone 12 mini unlock problem stops occurring when the device is used without a protective case. So, remove the protection and try to see if it makes any difference.
touch iphone 12 mini camera ring to fix unresponsive screen
Trick To Keep Case On: A workaround that allows you to keep the case on and make the iPhone 12 mini screen responsive while on Lock Screen, requires you to touch the edge of the backside camera ring with one of the fingers of the hand that you use for holding the device. Index finger should works best. You should now be able to unlock with your thumb. Does this trick work for you? It clearly points out that we’re dealing with a conductivity problem!

Credits: Thanks to reader HK for sharing this tip in the comments section!

2. Connect To Charger

Others have reported that iPhone 12 mini unlocks normally when the device is plugged-in into a wall outlet. All this could hint to a potential conductivity issue, but this is just pure speculation at this stage.

3. Peal Off Screen Protector

We know how much you want to keep your iPhone screen scratch-free. However, if you applied a screen protector from day 1, you might want to consider taking it off. Reports show that the touch sensitivity problems are amplified by a screen protector.
Update (November 15) – Readers danji and chuleta mention that the screen protector doesn’t seem to worsen iPhone 12 mini touch sensitivity problem. It’s just the case that makes a difference. You can read their comments here.

4. Use Finger Tips

Another way to go around the iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen glitch is to use your fingertips. Apply a very light touch when swiping up to unlock your device and you will increase your chances of the device recognizing your gesture and redirect you to the Home Screen!

5. Use Corners

An extra trick to improve the iPhone 12 mini touch sensitivity on Lock Screen is to use the corners of the display when swiping to unlock. If you’re right handed, swipe-up with your thumb gently from the left corner and vice-versa.

6. Use Back Tap To Home

A very useful workaround to get around the swiping-up to go to the Home Screen gesture is to use the new iOS 14 Back Tap feature. Here is how to:
how to fix iPhone 12 mini lock screen issue

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll for Accessibility.
  • Tap on Touch.
  • Scroll all the way down and open Back Tap.
  • Go for Double Tap and select Home from the System list.
  • Next time you unlock your device, simply double-tap the back of your device and the gesture will redirect you to the iOS 14 Home Screen.
    Fact: While this isn’t an actual fix for the iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen bug, it’s a great workaround that allows you to elegantly bypass this problem.

Update (November 17)

7. Enable Assistive Touch

how to use assistivetouch for iphone 12 unresponsive screen
An additional workaround for replacing the Lock Screen swipe-up gesture can be activated with the help of the AssistiveTouch accessibility feature. It displays a digital Home Button on your iPhone 12 screen allowing you to bring up to Home Screen with the help of a quick action button.
How To: Browse for Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> AssistiveTouch.
Credits: This tip has been provided by Bob, in the comments section!

More: Similar touch screen problems have been also reported for the new iPhone 12 Pro Max model. Detailed coverage is available here.

Extra Tip: iOS 14.3 Beta

Apple has released the iOS 14.3 public beta on the day the first iPhone 12 mini models have been shipped to first day buyers. If Apple is aware of this problem, it might have included a fix in the initial beta. We don’t have an iPhone 12 mini shipped yet, to try this fix out ourselves, but you can go for it an install iOS 14.3 Public Beta on your device and check it yourself. Don’t hesitate to share the outcome with us!
Update (November 15) – Our reader Jez confirms that iOS 14.3 Public Beta 1 doesn’t fix this issue!

Is your iPhone 12 mini experiencing similar touch sensitivity problem on Lock Screen? Does any of the tips shared above help you out? Have you found a better troubleshooting trick? Don’t hesitate to use the comments section and let us know!

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