iPhone 12 Pro Frame Scratching Easy? (How To Prevent!)

iPhone 12 Pro Frame Heavily Scratched near Lightning port

iPhone 12 Pro Frame Heavily Scratched near Lightning port | Source: Twitter

Twitter user Technickfaultier has recently published a photo of an iPhone 12 Pro frame that shows severe scratching in the bottom area, around the Lightning connector. The image showcases a display unit, available in an Apple Store in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Zooming-in on the Lightning port shows some heavy abrasion, all around the charging port, speaker and microphone holes. The marks are obviously accentuated by the shop’s docking station and by the fact that this is a test unit that’s plugged-in and out, probably hundreds of times per day.

However, we do have to take in account that the iPhone 12 Pro has been available in Germany only since 12 days. More, shops are considerably underpopulated this time of the year, with most countries in Europe applying a second COVID-19 lockdown.

Is the iPhone 12 Frame Scratching Widespread?

The same source confirms that he checked all iPhone 12 units on display in the same shop (around 20) and the scratching was obvious on all devices, no matter of the color and the position in the shop. He also got the chance to take a look at some iPhone 12 test units used by the Genius bar and frame scratches were visible too!

Is the iPhone 12 Frame Material

All four iPhone 12 models (12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max) pack the same ceramic shield on the screen and the same glass on the back. The frames are different though. The lower-end iPhone 12 and 12 mini have aluminium frames around the edges, while the Pro models come with a stainless steel frame.
Curiously the above scratch-full photo is from an iPhone 12 pro frame that should be, at least in theory, a better quality than the iPhone 12 material.

How To Protect iPhone 12 From Scratches

1. Use A MagSafe Charger

Being a bit sarcastic, it now makes sense why Apple is encouraging MagSafe technology. Using Apple’s new wireless charging option will considerably reduce the amount you will use the iPhone’s lightning port and thus avoid scratches.
Apple’s MagSafe charger isn’t included in the box. It’s sold separately for $39. More, you’ll also need a 20W USB-C power adapter to get the most out of your wireless charging. The brick isn’t included in the box either and costs an additional $19.
DIY: Now you can 3D print your own iPhone 12 MagSafe charging stand!

2. Use A Case

The easiest way to scratch the bottom of the iPhone 12 frame is if you’re not precise when aiming for the Lightning port and hit the rim. With a case on, it’s much easier to plug-in without scratching.
More, most cases also include protection for your device’s edges, thus bringing the risk of scratching to a minimum.
Tip: You can purchase either an Apple Silicone or Clear (reports of plastic breaking easy) MagSafe case, or check out Nomad’s premium leather cases and many other iPhone 12 cases for all pockets.

3. Apply A Screen Protector

Although the iPhone 12 flagships are equipped with a special ceramic shield, the 2020 iPhone display are still very vulnerable to scratching.
That’s why we also recommend you to apply a screen protector and get your $1000 device fully protected. This will make your device retain its value and allow you to obtain a good resell price, when you plan to upgrade to the next model.

Is your iPhone 12 frame scratching easily too? Hopefully you reached this article before experiencing the problem on your own device? Either way please share your feedback with the help of the comments section.

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