How To Fix iPhone 12 WiFi Disconnects When Locked

iPhone 12 WiFi disconnecting issues

iPhone 12 WiFi disconnects issue

Is your brand new iPhone 12 disconnecting from WiFi when you lock the screen? This is a common issue that has been occurring with other iPhone models in the past. WiFi is free and there is no reason for you to want your iPhone to disconnect from it, unless your desperate for saving battery life!

An iPhone that disconnects from WiFi when locked, will cause you to miss important Internet related notifications. iMessages, WhatsApp, Skype and other apps notify you about new texts, through your smartphone’s web connectivity. Alerts from your social media accounts and other similar data is in most cases pushed over WiFi.

5 Ways To Fix iPhone 12 WiFi Disconnecting

If your iOS device doesn’t have the cellular data enabled, or if you’re in an area with no coverage, you definitely want your iPhone to remain connected to WiFi even when you’re not actively using the device!

1. Reboot iPhone

The first troubleshooting step that’s recommended in most iOS issues, is to restart your iPhone. A fresh start will clear any temporary bugs and could hopefully fix the random WiFi disconnects when device is locked.
How To: We recommend you to perform the force restart trick detailed here.

2. Rejoin WiFi Network

Next, you can forget the WiFi network that’s causing the disconnects and join it back to see if anything changes.
how to forget WiFi network on iPhone

  • Open Settings and tap on Wi-Fi and select the network that you’re currently connected to.
  • Tap on Forget This Network.
  • Return to the Wi-Fi home screen and disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone.
  • Re-enable Wi-Fi and reconnect to the previous network. You have to type the network Password!
    Tip: Make sure that Auto-Join is enabled.

3. Turn Off WiFi Networking

A reader has reported that disabling Networking & Wireless option has stopped the iPhone from disconnecting from WiFi when locked.
how to fix iPhone 12 WiFi disconnects

  • Browse for Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.
  • Scroll all the way down to System Services.
  • Disable the Networking & Wireless option.
    Fact: Tap Turn Off to confirm your selection.

4. Disable Private Wi-Fi Address

A new iOS 14 privacy feature will assign your iPhone a new MAC address for every WiFi network that it connects to. You can disable this option and see if it has any impact on the WiFi disconnecting bug!
How To: Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Current Network -> Private Address (disable!)

5. Reconfigure WiFi Hotspot

Last but not least, we’ve also been informed that changing the SSID of the WiFi network, as well as the password used for authentication can fix the iPhone 12 disconnecting from WiFi issue!
How To: To reconfigure your hotspot you have to log-in via a web browser and perform the required edits depending on the brand and model of your router!

Has any of the above troubleshooting methods helped you to fix iPhone 12 (12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max) disconnecting from WiFi when locked? Which one? Use the comments section and let us know. Do you have a better fix? Don’t hesitate to mention it. Also please confirm your iPhone model and exact iOS version.

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