iPhone 12 Pro Max Microphone Not Working When Recording Video

iPhone 12 microphone not working

iPhone 12 microphone not working

Is the microphone of your brand new iPhone 12 not working as expected? Is your device not recording any sounds when you capture a video or voice memo. This abnormal behavior has been reported for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, running iOS 14.2.1 by one of our readers. He does confirm that the mic works normally during regular phone calls.

We’re now trying to find out if this is an isolated case, or a significant iOS 14 bug. We couldn’t find too many similar cases on Apple’s specific discussion forums. The closes we got is an iPhone 12 Pro user claiming that his device’s microphone doesn’t work in both stock apps like FaceTime and third-party ones like Facebook Messenger.

How To Fix iPhone 12 Microphone Not Working

We couldn’t replicate this bug on our own device, but here is what you could attempt to do to troubleshoot it:

1. Force Close App

First, try to permanently quit the app that’s experiencing microphone problems and re-open it to eliminate any temporary glitches.
How To: Swipe-up and hold from the bottom of the screen to bring up the App Switcher and dismiss the app’s card with a second swipe-up on it.

2. Force Restart iPhone

Secondly, you should reboot the device. A fresh start could fix the iPhone 12 microphone issue.
How To: The easiest way to do it is by quickly pressing and releasing Volume Up, Volume Down followed by a press & hold gesture of the Side Button. Hold until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen. Release and be patient until your smartphone restarts.

3. Use External Microphone

If you own a pair of the wired EarPods, AirPods or any other headset that comes with a microphone, you should connect the accessory to your iPhone and test to see if sounds are recorded when you use this workaround. An iOS 14 bug could prevent your iPhone’s internal microphone from working in certain apps, but an external one might work flawless.
All though inconvenient this should be a good fix, unless your iPhone 12 is your first smartphone and you don’t have any external headset, because Apple doesn’t ship the EarPods in the box anymore.

4. Microphone Settings

iOS 14 microphone settings
If your iPhone 12 microphone issue is related to a third-party app, you can check if the app in question is allowed to access your device’s mic.
How To: Open Settings and browse for Privacy -> Microphone. Check if the app is allowed to access your iPhone’s microphone.

5. Reset All Settings

how to reset all iphone settings
This is an extreme solution that will reset all settings that you made on your iPhone and bring back the default ones. If the iPhone 12 Pro Max microphone issue is caused by an iOS 14 bug, you will sacrifice your settings without any benefits.
How To: To reset you have to open Settings and browse for General -> scroll all the way down to Reset and tap on Reset All Settings.

Updated (March 1)
Reader Muthu confirmed in the comments section that he managed to fix the iPhone 12 microphone with a device restart, turning Bluetooth ON/OFF and resetting the Settings. However, this troubleshooting sequence is only temporary and the microphone problem flares up again after a couple of days! Have you found a better solution?

Are you encountering a similar iPhone 12 microphone issue? Did any of the fixes help? Use the comments section and let us know. Did we leave something out. Don’t hesitate to mention a better fix if you have it.

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