iOS 15.0.1 Bug Fixes, Features, How To Update & More

iOS 15.0.1 update

iOS 15.0.1 update

As expected, Apple has released iOS 15.0.1 (19A348) with bug fixes for iPhone 13 and all other compatible models. This is the first software update, 11 days since the iOS 15 public release!

iOS 15.0.1 Download

iOS 15.0.1 download

  • 1. This new release is available over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Fact: The iOS 15.0.1 update file is 507.1 MB large for those coming from iOS 15.0 (19A346) and 3.19 GB large for those updating from iOS 14.8 (18H17).

  • 2. Tap Download and Install, provide your Passcode and Agree with Apple’s Terms.
  • 3. Be patient until the update is requested, downloaded and prepared.
  • 4. If all requirements are met installation starts without any other actions from your behalf.
  • 5. iOS 15.0.1 update is verified and deployed on your iPhone. Screen turns black, the Apple logo is displayed in the middle of the screen and a progress bar, updates you about the status.
  • 6. Device restarts to mark the end of the update procedure. Provide your Passcode and you’re good to go!

iOS 15.0.1 Update Not Available ?

If this release isn’t showing up in the Software Update screen your iPhone might have the iOS 15 Beta Configuration profile installed and is checking for iOS 15.1 beta updates instead of the public release.

Fix: To solve this you have to browse for Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management -> iOS 15 & iPAdOS 15 Beta Software Profile -> Remove Profile

iOS 15.0.1 Release Notes

iOS 15.0.1 bug fixes
Apple informs in the update log that this version comes with bug fixes and describes the Unlock with Apple Watch bug. Check the nearby image for the full release notes!

Fact: For the security content of this update tap here!

iOS 15.0.1 Bug Fixes

iPhone 13 Unable to communicate with Apple Watch
The update log includes three bug fixes, but the initial iOS 15 has been plagued with plenty more. Apple could have patched other minor issues too, without including them in the release notes.

Known Issues

We’ve listed the most popular iOS 15 bugs. Don’t hesitate to comment if you can confirm a fix for any entry from the list!

Bug Fixes

New Bugs

Unfortunately, fresh glitches will surface in the iOS 15.0.1 update. If you notice one that wasn’t occuring in iOS 15, don’t hesitate to inform us!

We will update them below to raise awareness. Hopefully we will also be able to find workarounds and fixes with the help of the community!

  • Weather Notifications missing in the iOS 15.0.1 Settings app.
  • Hearing Aids not connecting to iPad or iPhone.
  • Apple Music not playing since iOS 15.0.1. Counter stuck at 0:00. Issue reported by Demeter for iPhone 13.
    Workaround: Disable Lossless and Dolby Atmos in Settings -> Music -> Dolby Atmos (Off) and Audio Quality (Turn Off Lossless Audio)

iOS 15.0.1 Features

Apple doesn’t mention anything about changes included in this release. However, minor enhancements might have been included. We will update them here as soon as we spot them!

Have you updated to iOS 15.0.1? Do you notice any other changes or bug fixes that haven’t been mentioned in the release notes? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

Related: iPadOS 15.0.1 has been also released alongside iOS 15.0.1. The update log mentions the same bug fixes, excepting the iPhone 13 unlock bug of course.