How To Fix Safari 15 A Problem Repeatedly Occurred Error

A Problem Repeatedly Occurred in Safari 15

A Problem Repeatedly Occurred in Safari 15

Are you prompted with the A Problem Repeatedly Occurred with [website name] error when trying to open a web page in Safari 15? You’re asked to Reload Webpage but the same error message is displayed in a loop every time you click the refresh option?

This is a widespread issue affecting macOS Catalina users that have updated to the latest Safari 15 update, released by Apple.

Safari 15.0 brings a series of new features, including Tab Groups, improved security and faster performance. However, it has proven itself extremely buggy ever since it was rolled out a couple of days ago!

How To Fix Safari 15 A Problem Repeatedly Occurred

To regain access to popular websites such as Walmart and Target, that fail to load because of this Safari 15 bug, you can apply the following troubleshooting methods:

1. Disable JavaScript

how to disable javascript in safari 15

    A workaround requires you to turn off JavaScript as follows:

  • Click on Safari, available in the macOS menu bar, top-right corner of the screen.
  • Go for Preferences…
  • Click on Security, in the top menu.
  • Uncheck the Enable JavaScript box!
  • Fact: This fix isn’t ideal because it will disable JavaScript across the entire browser.

2. Reinstall Safari 15.0

Important: Safari 15.0 .pkg download file only for macOS Catalina users!
how to reinstall safari 15
How to: Download the Safari15.0CatalinaAuto.pkg file directly from Apple’s servers and install Safari 15 using the on-screen prompts.

Did you manage to fix the Safari A Problem Repeatedly Occurred with error? Did the workarounds provided in this article help out?

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