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airpods max serial number

How To Find AirPods Max Serial Number

Like any other device sold by Apple, the premium over-ear headphones also ship with an unique 12-character-long identification string. The AirPods Max serial number contains letters and numbers. It can be found in four different ways and contains information about approximate manufacturing date, location and more….

airpods max memes

AirPods Max Memes Mock Strange Case, Huge Price & Name

Apple has announced the AirPods Max, its first over-ear wireless headphones. The strange case, huge price and unexpected name have given plenty of ammunition to jocksters and Apple competitors. As usual, memes mocking these shortcomings have already flooded the social media websites and some are really funny….

how to buy airpods max

How To Order AirPods Max Wireless Headphones From Apple

Apple has just announced its wireless over-ear headphones called AirPods Max. The new headset retails for a whopping $549 and can be ordered now on from the Apple Store app and on Apple.com. The premium headset will begin to ship starting with December 15!…