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How to schedule a fake incoming call on your iPhone

How To Fake An Incoming Call On Your iPhone And Get Out Of Trouble

You’ve surly had your awkward moments and have been desperately searching for a way to get out of jail in a quick and honorable way. The same goes for boring discussions that you wish you could end as soon as possible. In all these cases, an incoming iPhone call can literally save you by the…

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Top 10 iOS Apps For April Fools

It’s the one day of the year when you’re allowed to play hoaxes on your friends, so make the most of it! We’ve toppled the App Store for you, in search of the best apps to help you achieve the funnies pranks! Are you ready to dissimulate reality, change your personality, pretend to be someone…

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How To Perform The Perfect Prank Call

April 1st is knocking at the door and you can’t miss this great opportunity to trick your friends and have a great time! Your everyday companion, the iPhone, is useful in this case too. You surly must have performed a prank call at least once in your lifetime! This time however, there is no need…