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Quick Note on Mac

How To Take A Quick Note On Mac In macOS Monterey

Do you know that you can take a quick note on Mac? This is a hidden macOS Monterey feature that allows you to make a note from anywhere on your computer. Quick Notes on Mac work the same way as they do on iPad running iOS 15. Instead of swiping you need to use your…

Quick Notes not working on iPad

How To Fix Quick Notes Not Working On iPad In iPadOS 15

Is the new Quick Notes feature not working on iPad? You’ve updated to iPadOS 15 but you can’t open the floating quick note window, from the bottom-right corner of the screen? Neither swiping up with your finger or tapping with the Apple Pencil brings up the Quick Note interface?…

iPad Quick Notes

How To Create Quick Notes On iPad In iPadOS 15

In iPadOS 15 you can create Quick Notes on iPad with a simple gesture. All that you have to do is swipe-up from the bottom-right corner of the screen and the Quick Note window slides in. Write down your thoughts and make sure that you save your idea….