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Notes Tags and Smart Folders

How To Create Tags And Smart Folders In Notes (iOS 15)

The Notes apps gets a series of new features in iOS 15. You can better organize your ideas with Tags and Smart Folders. Productivity is also increased thanks to mentions and a new Activity view that allows users to easily collaborate and edit a note….

iOS 10 Recent call history label.

iOS 10 Adds Recent Label Next To iPhone Contact Number

A minor add-on that’s available starting with iOS 10 is the Recent label. It pops up above a number in the Call History app. It could pass as unnoticed for many iPhone users, but the feature is really helpful with those contacts that use multiple phone numbers on file. No, the tag isn’t created to…

iphone create facebook scrapbook screen

Facebook Scrapbook Now Available On iPhone

A new feature, called Scrapbook, has just been introduced to Facebook! It officially welcomes children on the popular social media website. All this is achieved through parental guidance, of course, and is dedicated to babies and kids up to 13 years of age, according to Dan Barack, Scrapbook’s product manager. Scrapbook allows mothers and fathers…