Update Apple ID Settings Stuck On iPhone 13 (Fixed!)

Update Apple ID Settings stuck

Update Apple ID Settings stuck

Is your brand new iPhone 13 stuck with the ‘Update Apple ID Settings’ suggestion? iOS 15 freezes after you tap ‘Continue’ and type your Apple ID password? Your device ails to authenticate, the Settings screen becomes greyed out and unresponsive?

Update Apple ID Settings Not Working

update apple id settings frozen
As soon as you finish setting up a new iPhone you’re prompted to sign-in with your Apple ID to use all services associated with your iCloud account.

The Update Apple ID Settings suggestion informs:

“Some account services will not be available until you sign in again.”

You have the option to tap Continue. Next, you’re asked to provide your Apple ID Password. Type it and tap Sign In.

At this point, the Apple ID Suggestions screen is greyed out and the screen freezes. The Settings app becomes unresponsive.

How To Fix Update Apple ID Settings Stuck

1. Force Close Settings

how to force close settings
First, you have to quit Settings an reopen it in order to be able to unfreeze it:

  • Swipe-up for the App Switcher and swipe-up again on the Settings card to force close it.
  • Open Settings back and tap on Update Apple ID Settings, available in the suggestion area, right below your Apple ID.
  • Retry the same procedure and see if it works the second time around!

2. Force Restart iPhone

how to force restart iPhone 13
If Settings gets stuck again, your next option is to reboot your device. A fresh start will clear any minor glitches that could prevent you from signing into your iCloud account.

You can power iPhone OFF and switch it back ON, or use the force restart trick described here! It will make your device reboot in a single step.

Tip: We’ve been able to replicate this issue and the hard restart worked!
Update Apple ID Settings fixed
You’ll know that you managed to fix the Update Apple ID Settings issue, when you retry after the reboot and you’re asked to Enter iPhone Passcode after the Apple ID Password step. Type it an the authentication completes!

Have you managed to fix Update Apple ID Settings frozen on iPhone 13? Did the tips provided above help out? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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