WhatsApp Screen Not Rotating? iOS 16 Landscape Mode Bug?

whatsapp screen rotation not working ios 16

WhatsApp screen rotation not working iOS 16

WhatsApp screen not rotating after iOS 16 update? Tilting iPhone doesn’t trigger WhatsApp landscape mode? The lower half of the screen is blacked out when you return to Portrait orientation? Issue persists in 16.1.2?

WhatsApp Screen Not Rotating iOS 16

whatsapp landscape mode black screen
This problem has been reported by George:

“Whatsapp glitches out when switching to landscape mode. It lags significantly and bottom part of the screen turns black. Anyone else experiencing the same?”

We’re also able to replicate this unexpected behavior and have found similar complaints on Reddit:

“WhatsApp bugs out like crazy when turning to Landscape Mode. The bottom half of the screen goes black and then WhatsApp is in the top half, but stretched and cropped and all sorts of wrong.”

How To Fix WhatsApp Landscape Mode Black Screen

whatsapp black screen ios 16
Apparently, this glitch has been reported ever since iOS 16.0.3 and is still unfixed. Until Apple or Meta addresses is in an upcoming software update, here is the workaround:

  • Rotate Whatsapp back to Portrait mode.
  • Wait a couple of seconds, and return to Landscape mode.
  • This time the view should resize as expected and the black screen will disappear!
  • Tip: Don’t close Whatsapp! Leave it in the background. If you quit the app, the screen rotating glitch will reoccur. Else, you should be safe!

Have you managed to fix Whatsapp screen not rotating to landscape orientation in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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