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How To Use and Organize Apple Watch Glances

Organizing and displaying iPhone-like information on the Apple Watch’s 38 and 42 mm screens was an important challenge for Apple’s in-house developers. But they did a great job and watch OS is a truly user-friendly piece of software. Glances are one important piece of the puzzle. They provide rapid access to a summary of the

10 Apple Watch Features That Work Offline

Apple’s new gadget impresses when it comes to the amount of functions available on such a small wrist-held device. By now, we’re all aware that a compatible iPhone is required. An iPhone 5 or newer, running at least iOS 8.2 is needed to pair the Apple Watch with. This allows the smartwatch to use resources

Apple Watch SAR Values For RF Exposure

There is one thing that you should consider before buying the newly released Apple Watch. Health comes first, thus it’s wise to inform yourself about the SAR values of this wrist gadget. I’m talking about the rate, or the amount, of radio frequency absorbed by your body, when exposed to the smartwatch. Of course, that

Enable Power Reserve Mode On Apple Watch

Apple has configured its first generation smartwatch to be able to power itself for 18 hours of normal daily activity, which includes using all its functions like calling, messaging, workout tracking and so on. However, as with the iPhone, there’ll be often situations, when you’ll struggle with your Watch’s battery levels, especially if you don’t