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Aa – An Addictive Hello World iOS Game

It’s Monday and a nice little addictive iOS game comes right in hand for those of you that find the start of a new week troublesome. General Adaptive Apps, the developers of Aa, compare it with the snake game, found on every first generation mobile phone! So, don’t miss it! However, be aware before installing,

Apple Maps Shows Real-Time Earth Positioning

Did you know that you can check the Earth’s position, in real-time, with the help of your built-in iOS Apple Maps app? This feature provides a cool view of our planet, unveiling the transition from day to night and vice-versa. You can use swipe gestures to rotate the globe and change view on the horizontal

iOS 8.1.3 Fails To Fix Important Flaws

Apple has recently released an new update for its latest iOS version. The 8.1.3 upgrade promises to fix various bugs, increase the stability of Apple’s mobile operating system and brings performance improvements. Although all these claims are backed-up by yesterday’s release, the Cupertino manufacturer disappoints the users of older iPhone terminals again. Numerous old iPhone

Track Your Ski and Snowboarding Runs With Your iPhone

Let your iOS device inform you about how fast, long and far you’ve slided down the mountain. Transform your iPhone in a personalized Ski tracker and record all your runs. Review the path of your descents on the map and find out your speed during every sector. More highly interesting information such as Duration of