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5 Reasons To Use iOS Restrictions Feature

When it comes to protecting your asset, the iPhone and its contents, nothing is more important than security. Besides the usual Passcode used for unlocking your device and your App Store account password, you can set up one more line of defense. The iOS Restrictions feature is very useful if you use to share your

GET and GET+ Buttons Replace FREE Label in App Store

If you visited the App Store in the past few hours, you must have surly noticed that, almost every new application for your iOS Device prompts a GET or GET+ button. If your mind flashed the thought: ‘Wait a moment, it should’ve been labeled FREE or FREE+ !’, I can guarantee that you where not

How To Use Switch Control To Operate Your iPhone

iOS has another hidden feature which aims to help those users that suffer from any sort of physical limitation, when it comes to handling an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Yes, it’s an Accesibility feature that can incorporate external accessories, such as joysticks and facilitates predefined commands such as head turns and full screen taps.

13 Tricks To Lower iPhone Radiation Exposure

Studies come up with contradictory results when it comes to cell phone radiation. No direct link has been yet established between prolonged radio frequency exposure and a fatal illness, but it’s common sense to claim that extended smartphone radiation exposure can’t bring any benefits! There are numerous cases when mobile phone users complain of headaches,