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App Store Black Friday Sales for iPhone and iPad

Today it’s the Black Friday of 2014 and besides wishing you a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and a great weekend together with your family, I also want to inform you about the applications and games available on the App Store, during the entire weekend. This way you won’t risk loosing a few great deals! If you

5 Tips For iOS Safari Private Browsing

If you ever need to browse the web from your iOS device and don’t wish to leave traces, you should consider the Safari Private web browsing mode. When activated, your iPhone’s built-in Internet browser shouldn’t remember the pages that you’ve visited, won’t track your search history and won’t save AutoFill information. However, this Safari Private

The iOS Mute Notifications For A Conversation Feature

Every now an then you engage in a group conversation or have text exchanges that sometimes get overwhelming and can distract you too much, from your work and other important daily routines. iOS 8 comes with a great new feature, that allows you to completely deactivate notifications. This way you can control for which chat

Play Heads Up On iPhone And Have Fun With Your Friends

Besides using your iOS device for its cell phone functions and for helping you out with your daily tasks, you can also use your iPhone to spend some quality time together with your friends, colleagues or anyone else that you wish to socialize with. This can be achieved with the help of numerous App Store