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5 New Spotlight Search Functions With iOS 9

As you might already know one of the most advertised characteristics of iOS 9 is proactiveness. The Spotlight search feature plays an important role in this equation. This rapid search function has received a series of enhancements with the release of the 9th iOS generation. It can perform automatic currency conversions, math operations, provide realtime

Can You Complete Just 5 Escapes?

It’s time to credit yet another iOS developer for releasing a new and exciting game on the App Store. Just 5 is an addictive puzzler aimed for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! Christian Strang, the owner of Simple Play Studio, has developed this game, that’s very simple to play, but in the same time,

Download The iOS 9.1 Stock Wallpaper

iOS 9.1 has been rolled out to the general public last week! As already featured it comes with the traditional bug fixes, stability improvements, tune ups, as wells as a few notable additions, like new emojis and wallpapers. Many readers mailed us, these days, for a download source of the iOS 9.1 default background. This

Apple Watch Time Travel Anticipates Daylight Saving Time

While some part of the world has already switched away from Daylight saving time, it’s time for the US to join the lines, this weekend, exactly one week after all Europeans have turned back their clocks, with one hour, during the last Sunday of October. With all the technology available nowadays, it’s very hard to