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iOS 8 Shutter Timer Feature

Apple have finally built-in the much expected timer feature for their Camera App. The iOS 8 release comes with a new Shutter Timer option that provides a reasonable delay between the moment of shutter pressing and actual shooting. This allows iPhone users to include themselves in their photos, without the need of using 3rd party

How To Send Audio Messages via FaceTime

Another great feature included with the iOS 8 release is the ability to send audio messages to an iPhone contact. Until now, Apple provided the option of video/audio calling another contact via Internet with the help of FaceTime. The only requirements are that both talk partners poses an iOS, like iPhone or iPad. Both devices

iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate Timeline

Apple seemed to have hit another jackpot after the sale of over 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices in only three days. However, the past week was horrific for the Cupertino manufcaturer. Two major blows dropped their shares by 3% within 24 hours and the fiasco seems to be far from over.

iOS 8 Interactive Notifications Trick

Time to show you another neat iOS 8 feature that will spare you from changing apps and switching in-between iPhone screens, when replying to a message conversation. It’s an option that copes with today’s alert lifestyle, in which every spare second makes a huge difference! Yes, I’m talking about the new iOS 8 Interactive Notifications