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Download Free iPhone Tennis Alerts and Sounds

It’s time to enrich your collection of iOS tunes with some custom made Tennis Alerts that thrill any tennis fan! Use the sounds specially recorded and uploaded by the Team and personalize your iOS device, showing to everyone what a tennis addict you are! So, you’re a fan of the elegant Roger Federer, or

Turn Your iPhone Into A Heart Rate Monitor

Time to add a new feature to your iPhone! Today I’ll show you how to transform it into a medical health device that reads and monitors your heart pulse. All this is achieved with the help of a single application, developed by Azumio Inc. and called Instant Heart Rate. This app can be downloaded for

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus SAR Value Information

After checking a series of benefits and eye-catching features of Apple’s newest flagships, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, manufactured using the latest technologies and running on an impressive operating system, the iOS 8, we’ll now also take a look at a potential side effect. Yes, I’m talking about the Radio Frequency exposure, or better

Raise to Listen and Send Audio iMessages

Time to introduce you with a new iOS 8 gesture shortcut, which in fact isn’t that new if where referring to the gesture itself. I’m talking about Raise to Listen, the feature that allows you to listen and reply to Audio Messages with a simple gesture. The motion is very familiar to all of us