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iOS 8 New Features and Updates

Apple claim that iOS 8 is their biggest iOS release ever, with hundreds of upgrades and new features. We’ve checked the complete update list out for you and it really is a long and impressive one. I’ve selected and will briefly present the most important ones, as well as provide you with the full list

iOS 8 Installation Steps and Facts

Apple have released the much expected iOS 8 version on September 17 at 1pm Eastern Time (6pm GMT+1). We where prompt and already upgraded our iDevices to the newest version, did some initial test and are now ready to share some important facts and tips with you. First of all, as you can notice, in

iPhone 6 Plus Reachability Tips

So, you’re not sure if you should upgrade for the new iPhone 6 or better opt for the super-sized iPhone 6 Plus! You consider the physical aspect and think about how practical it is to reach the 5.5″ display, right? Well, that’s perfectly common as numerous readers contacted us in the past few days and

iPhone 6 vs Popular Flagships

With most specs and features of the new iPhone 6 already available we can compare Apple’s latest flagship with its popular competitors from Samsung, HTC, Amazon or Motorola. So, in this article you can check a direct comparison between 5 flagship smartphones and I’m talking about the Apple iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the