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How To Recover Lost or Deleted iPhone Data

Information is power they say and lots of it is stored nowadays on our iOS devices! Contacts, messages, photos and all other important data has become essential in our everyday life. Unfortunately there are cases when iPhones, iPads and other smart devices end up with a broken display, experience OS crashes or the user accidentally

How To Create Nested App Folders On Your iPhone

The average iPhone user has nowadays close to 100 applications installed on its smartphone. All software available on an iOS device is accessible via an icon displayed on the home screen. The more apps you download, the more icons have to be fitted. Your iPhone will list them one after the other, until the home

7000 Series Aluminum Makes iPhone 6S Bendgate-Free

The upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus flagships won’t play the same Bendgate charade, in which their predecessors were involved in! In the fall of 2014, only a few days after their official release, complaints from owners of bent devices, emerged on social media websites and Apple discussion forums. The extremely thin body, combined with

The Apple Watch Automatic App Download Feature

There are currently two options for installing apps on your Apple Watch. You can either do it manually from within the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, or let your iOS device automatically do the job, by allowing it to instantly upload new watchOS software, whenever it becomes available. There are pros and cons for