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Apple Watch Third Party Complications Available With watchOS 2

Complications is the term used by Apple for the info modules that you can select to display on your Watch Face. Depending on each background there are several areas that support these little widgets. Depending on size we can differentiate between three types of complications: small, standard and expanded views. The smallest widget can be

WatchThief – A Simple But Intriguing Apple Watch Game

Are you ready to protect your Apple Watch from four relentless thieves? If so, you should give WatchThief a go and install it on your watchOS device. Justin Lennox has developed a simple but addictive little game that can be played only on the Apple Watch. It’s about for thieves that attempt to steal your

How To Review Apple Watch Saved Workouts

Tracking your fitness routines has never been easier, since owning an Apple Watch. The stock Workout app monitors your exercising and informs you about their duration, calories burned, average heart rate, distance run and much more. Every time you finish tracking a workout, you’re prompted with a summary of your performance and have two options:

iOS 8.4 Update Is Now Up For Grabs

The last major iOS 8 tune up has been released by Apple a couple of hours ago. You can now download and install the public version of iOS 8.4. As we previously announced, while beta testing this new version, the most important upgrade is the revamped Apple Music app, which comes with a full service