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Remember To Turn Off iMessage If You Leave iOS!

Do you encounter problems texting one of your contacts, you used to exchange iMessages with? First, check that the issue is not at your end. Are your WiFi connection or 3G/4G carrier data services active? If there’s nothing wrong with your iPhone, the problem lies with your friend. Attempt to call him to address the

Have You Noticed The Dynamic iOS Flashlight Knob?

Today I learned that my iPhone’s flashlight icon comes with an animation that flips the knob up and down, depending on the status of the beacon. While the torch is OFF the icon shows the switch in its original, down position. However, check the nearby image and notice how the knob is displayed in the

How To Fix App Store Badge Alert Error

Ever since the release of iOS 8, problems with the App Store badge alert system are ongoing for iOS users. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners seem to be the most affected. Several bugs prevented the red badge alert from disappearing, even after the apps in question, where updated, from within the App Store. The

Twitter Updates For Apple Watch

The first wave of apps which have rolled out updates to support the Watch, Apple’s latest gadget, has now reached the App Store shelves! Of course, that Twitter couldn’t miss the opportunity to make its iOS application one of the first that includes support for Cupertino’s wrist held gadget! The news comes two weeks after