5 iPhone X Swipe Gestures That Replace The Home Button Functionality [Video]

iphone x swipe for home gesture

iPhone X swipe for Home gesture.

The iPhone X’s main feature is, of course, the edge-to-edge display. The only downside of having extra screen real estate is the disappearance of the Home button. This causes a series of traditional press-commands that have to be replaced by gestures. We’ve already shown you how to print screen and hard reboot the iPhone without the use of the Home Button. Now, it’s time to look at some more common actions used tens of times in a day, like going Home.

Perhaps the most frequent action that you use the Home button for, on an iPhone, is to return to the Home Screen. Well this is now achieved with the help of a short swipe-up from the new iPhone X Gesture bar. The App Switcher is also a common menu that was accessible with a double-press of the Home Button and is now invoked with a short swipe from the Gesture Bar. These along with Control Center gesture relocation and Siri activation are demonstrated in the iOS 11 videos provided below.

5 iPhone X Gestures That Replace Home Button Functionality
1. Go Home
Other iPhones: 1x Home button press.
iPhone X: Brief swipe-up on the Gesture Bar.

2. App Switcher
Other iPhones: 2x Home button press.
iPhone X: Swipe-up from the Gesture bar and pause halfway.

3. Siri
Other iPhones: press & hold Home button.
iPhone X: press & hold Side button (former Sleep/Wake button).

4. Control Center
Other iPhones: Swipe-up from bottom of the screen.
iPhone X: Swipe-down from the top-right corner (right ‘ear’).

5. Reachability
Other iPhones: 2x Home button taps.
iPhone X: Swipe-down on the Gesture bar. (Updated)

6. Accessibility Shortcut
Other iPhones: 3x Home button press.
iPhone X: triple-click the Side Button to trigger this feature!

What do you think about the new iPhone X swipe gestures? Do you think that it will take us long to accommodate them?

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