How To Test Third Party Home Screen Widgets In iOS 14 (Open List)

Third party Home Screen widgets in iOS 14

Third party Home Screen widgets in iOS 14.

Update: iOS 14 has been released and we’ve created a new collection of third-part Home Screen widgets that are already available for download on your iPhone and iPad.

iOS 14 is still in its testing phase but some third party app developers are already providing test versions of their apps that support one of the most popular new features, the Home Screen widgets.
We’ve created a collection of apps, available in the free TestFlight app, that provide glances for the iPhone and iPad Home screen. The list is open, if you know any other app that comes with Home Screen widgets and isn’t featured below, don’t hesitate to use the comments section and share it with us!

To be able to use the widgets referenced in this article you need to run an iOS 14 Developer or Public Beta version. iOS 14 Developer Beta 4 and Public Beta 3 are the latest versions available, at the time of writing. You can download and install public betas for free on any iOS 14 compatible iPhone by signing up to the Apple Beta Software Program and following the tips provided here.

How To Test Third Party Widgets In iOS 14 Beta

how to add third party widgets to iPhone Home Screen To be able to run the Home Screen widgets of the apps provided below you need to install Apple’s TestFlight app:
1. Download the free TestFlight app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap this Direct link.
2. Tap GET to download and install the TestFlight app.
3. Tap Open to enter the app and Accept Apple’s Terms.
4. Next, tap on one of the apps available below and hit Install. The app’s test version will be installed within the TestFlight app. Run it and test the new Home Screen widgets!

15 Third Party Apps With Home Screen Widgets

Each app comes with its TestFlight download link. Tap it and the app in question will be deployed in TestFlight.
1. Unwind Mindful Breathing – is an app that helps you with deep breathing exercises. It’s similar with the stock Breathe app available on the Apple Watch.
2. Dark Noise – is a white noise generating app that aims to help you to better relax, focus and sleep.
3. Schooly – is an education app that comes with a widget that allows you to keep track of your class schedule.
4. Aviary – is a widget that displays recent Tweets.
5. Debit & Credit – provides an iOS 14 widget that helps you track your expenses.
Update (August 7):
6. Parcel – is another app available for TestFlight that provides an iOS 14 Home Screen widget for tacking deliveries.
Updated (August 13):
7. Traning – a thrid party widget for workouts.
8. Health Export – third party app exporting health statistics.
9. Music Harbor – an artist tracker app.
10. Widget Wizard – a custom widget creator app.
Updated (August 21):
11. MFC Deck – allows you to turn your shortcuts into widgets.
12. Countdown – a countdown app that brings a timer in a widget on your iPhone Home screen.
13. Spendy – an app that helps keeping track of your spending and takes care of your budget.
14. Streaks – a third party widget that keeps track of your tasks and goals.
15. CardPointers – a credit card tracker app that supports widgets for iOS 14 Home screen.

Test Third Party Widgets In iOS 14 – Video Tutorial

Home Screen Widget Limitations

Currently iOS 14 Home Screen widgets are limited. They can be used as read-only glances that provide key info from the specific app. They only interaction method is to tap them and open the app in question. Home Screen widgets can’t integrate switches or other interaction options. However, this could change in future iOS 14 iterations.

Which third party apps do you want to update with Home Screen widgets support? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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