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third-party home screen widgets in iOS 14

100 Third-Party Home Screen Widgets For iPhone In iOS 14

One of the most important changes coming in iOS 14 are the Home Screen widgets. Apple as updated most of the stock iPhone apps with widgets, but also allows developers to add widget functionality to third-party iOS apps. To get them you have to update all your downloaded apps, in the App Store, and check…

Third party Home Screen widgets in iOS 14

How To Test Third Party Home Screen Widgets In iOS 14 (Open List)

Update: iOS 14 has been released and we’ve created a new collection of third-part Home Screen widgets that are already available for download on your iPhone and iPad. iOS 14 is still in its testing phase but some third party app developers are already providing test versions of their apps that support one of the…

apple watch with third party complications

Apple Watch Third Party Complications Available With watchOS 2

Complications is the term used by Apple for the info modules that you can select to display on your Watch Face. Depending on each background there are several areas that support these little widgets. Depending on size we can differentiate between three types of complications: small, standard and expanded views. The smallest widget can be…