iOS 17.0.3 Issues, Bugs Fixed & Security Patches [Updating]

ios 17.0.3 update

iOS 17.0.3 update

iOS 17.0.3 build number 21A360 is now available for the iPhone XS and later models. It’s a bug fixing update that focuses on the iPhone overheating issue. It also includes security patches! Check out the known issues as well as new ones reported by users!

iOS 17.0.3 Issues

Problems reported by early adopters as well as available workarounds are highlighted here:

  • 1. Custom text tones still not showing under Sound & Haptics.
    Fact: This will be fixed in iOS 17.1. It has already been addressed in Beta 2.
  • 2. WiFi and Cellular signal bars are still missing from Home Screen! It’s a day-one iOS 17 bug that hasn’t been addressed yet.
    Fix: All the details here!
  • 3. Keyboard stickers bug hasn’t been fixed according to porscherain.
  • 4. iPhone 15 hot when charging for GabGas27.
    Workaround: Use a lower wattage charger. Avoid MagSafe charging.
  • 5. Vibration notifications for mails not working for Munchy2k.
  • 6. Keyboard lagging when using autocorrect or suggestions for this Reddit user.
  • 7. Lock Screen goes black when connecting to charger. A day-one iOS 17 bug that hasn’t been fixed yet.
    Workaround: available here.
  • 8. Siri CarPlay not able to reply or send messages. Reported by Danmaxe.
  • 9. Battery life issues for a very small amount of users, while the majority confirms clear improvements.
    Fix: Update third-party apps overheating can be also caused by apps like Instagram.
  • 10. Wi-Fi calling not working for rozyman17 after iOS 17.0.3 update.
    Workaround: Reboot iPhone.
  • 11. Notes crashing when playing audio files for this reader.
    Fix: A series of potential workarounds have been published here.
  • 12. Preview flight not working anymore after iOS 17.0.3 update for Frances99.
  • 13. Personal voice not working anymore for davehaslanded.
  • 14. Account Recovery Method Needed keeps popping up for Brenda.
    Fix: Make sure that you’ve added a recovery contact. Un-add and re-add the contact.
  • 15. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments.)

iOS 17.0.3 Bugs Fixed

Although the terms ‘bug fixes’ is used in the update log, there is a single fix mentioned:

  • 1. iPhone overheating issue has been addressed according to Apple.
    Fact: This is an important day-one iPhone 15 Pro issue and Apple claims to have fixed it without throttling the A17 chip. Let’s see if this is confirmed by benchmark tests.

    Tip: Instagram app for iOS also has an update available in the App Store. We recommend you to update it too. It’s been frequently reported as one of the apps that caused iPhone overheating!

    iPhone Overheating Solved Without Throttling

    iOS 17.0.3 vs 17.0.2 cpu benchmark results

    iOS 17.0.3 vs 17.0.2 CPU benchmark results.

    Benchmark tests confirm that the overheating issue has been addressed without throttling the chips. Results published below are from an iPhone 14 Pro.

    Update: Similar results have been reported for the iPhone 15 Pro models!

    ios 17.0.3 vs 17.0.2 gpu benchmark results

    iOS 17.0.3 vs 17.0.2 GPU benchmark results

  • Other bug fixes reported by users are tracked here.

  • 2. Synced content bug has been fixed according to nooneinpar7.
  • 3. Lag and stutter experienced on the iPhone 11 Pro Max has been fixed according to this Reddit user.
  • 4. WiFI issues have been fixed. Confirmed by zain1320.
  • 5. Apple TV remote issues have been fixed for this user.
  • 6. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)
  • Fact: A detailed list of issues reported in iOS 17.0.2 is available here.

iOS 17.0.3 Security Fixes

Two security vulnerabilities have been addressed by this update according to the support document:

  • A Kernel vulnerability that may allow a local attacker ‘to elevate their privileges’ has been dealt with improved checks.
  • A WebRTC issue that might cause arbitrary code execution during a buffer overflow has been solved by updating to libvpx 1.13.1.

iOS 17.0.3 Features

Apple doesn’t mention any new features as this appears to be a bug and security focused update! Nevertheless, any changes spotted by users are mentioned here:

  • 1. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments.)

iOS 17.0.3 Download

This update is available over-the-air and/or over-wire (with the help of a computer and Finder (on Mac) or iTunes (on Windows):

  • 1. Open Settings -> General -> Software Update on an iPhone XS or later.
  • 2. iOS 17.0.3 should show up on the Software Update screen.
  • 3. Tap Update Now!
  • 4. Agree with ToS, input Passcode and be patient until the new software is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and installed on your device!

iOS 17.0.3 Update Video

Even more details about this update are available in our YouTube video:

Have you installed iOS 17.0.3 on iPhone? Do you experience any new features? Share your feedback in the comments and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.

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