iPhone 13 Widgets Reset Issue When Restoring From Backup

iPhone 13 widgets reset issue

iPhone 13 widgets reset issue

Home Screen widgets on iPhone 13 reverted to their default settings, after restoring from a backup? Have all widgets been reset while setting up your new device? This is a widespread bug, that can be prevented if you update your device to the latest software available before restoring!

Fact: This issue also affects the new iPad 9 and iPad mini 6 models!

How To Prevent iPhone 13 Widgets From Resetting

If you’re reading this before setting up your iPhone 13, apply the following steps to avoid being impacted by this bug:
iOS 15 update for iPhone 13

  • 1. Set up your iPhone 13 or iPad 9 (mini 6) as new using the on-screen instructions after you switch it ON.
  • 2. Open Settings -> General -> Software Update and install the day one iOS 15 security update!
  • 3. Browse for Settings -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Erase All Content And Settings.
  • 4. Restore iPhone 13 from a backup without being affected by the reset widgets bug!

How To Fix The iPhone 13 Widgets Reset Issue

If you’ve already restored your iPhone 13 from a backup and the Home Screen widgets have reverted to their default settings you have to reconfigure them:
how to reconfigure widget in iOS 15

  • Long-press a widget to bring up the quick actions menu.
  • Go for Edit [widget name].
  • Configure the widget to your personalized settings and tap outside of the box to exit Edit mode.

Have you set up your new iPhone 13, or iPad model? Did you manage to avoid the widgets reset problem? Do you have a better solution? Do you encounter any other iPhone 13 bugs? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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