iPhone 13 Pro Tap To Wake Not Working All The Time

iPhone 13 Pro Tap to Wake

iPhone 13 Pro Tap to Wake

Is Tap To Wake not working on iPhone 13 running iOS 15? Is the screen of your brand new iPhone 13 Pro, 13 mini or 13 Pro Max not waking up when you tap it? Is this popular Accessibility feature available intermittently without following any clear pattern?

iPhone 13 Tap To Wake Issue

This bug has been highlighted to us by Jonas:

Tap to wake not working all the time on brand new iPhone 13! Any solution?

We couldn’t replicate it until the time of writing, but I managed to find references on other popular Apple discussion websites like Reddit.

How To Fix Tap To Wake In iOS 15

At the moment, there’s not magic solution available for this day one iPhone 13 bug. We do have a few tips and recommendations and would appreciate if you can apply them and provide feedback about their success rate:

1. Turn On Tap To Wake

tap to wake settings
First of all, please make sure that the feature is enabled on your device. Tap to wake has to be turned ON by default, but it’s always best to double check. If the option is active, you can try to turn it Off, wait a couple of seconds and turn it back On!

How to: Browse for Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Tap to Wake.

2. Restart iPhone

Next up, I recommend you to reboot your device. A fresh start might flush minor glitches or stuck process and thus fix the Tap to wake issue.

How to: You can turn iPhone off and then power it back ON, or apply the force restart combo and reboot it quickly!

Fact: Apparently, this fix works but it’s temporary the glitch will come back at some point!

3. Update To iOS 15.0

iOS 15 update for iPhone 13
You might know that the iPhone 13 received a day one software update for the newest iOS 15.0 build number 19A346. Install it over-the-air from Settings and let us know if the Tap to wake issue continues to occur!

How to: Browse for Settings -> General -> Software Update.

4. Update To iOS 15.1

ios 15.1 beta 1 download
There is also the option to already install iOS 15.1 beta on your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro model. If the Tap to wake problem is software related, Apple might have already addressed in the next major update, that should come in October. Thanks to the Apple Beta Software Program anyone can test out iOS 15.1 for free!

How to: You have to download and install the iOS 15 Beta Configuration Profile, before iOS 15.1 shows up in the Software Update screen in Settings. A step-by-step guide is available here!

5. Use Raise to Wake

raise to wake settings
If nothing helps you can stick with this workaround until Apple issues a fix in an upcoming iOS 15.0.x software update. Make sure that Raise to Wake is enabled and the screen of your device will light up whenever you pick it up from your desk.

How to: Open Settings and browse for Display & Brightness -> Raise to Wake.

Is your brand new iPhone 13 also affected by the Tap to Wake bug? What about an earlier iPhone model? Did you find a better fix? Use the comments section and share your feedback. Do mention your iPhone model please and any additional details that could help us detect a pattern!

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