ScreenSaver Not Working On Mac In macOS 12 (Black Screen!)

screen saver black screen issue on Mac

Screen saver black screen issue on Mac

Is the screensaver not working on Mac after the macOS Monterey update? Does the screen turn black, when the screensaver starts playing, instead of displaying photos from a folder or album that you’ve selected in System Preferences?

macOS Monterey Screensaver Bug

screensaver black screen bug in macos 12

This issue has been reported to us by Jim B., in the comments section of our macOS 12.0.1 review page:

“I have the newest 27″ iMac that Apple offers and have a problem with the screen saver. The only ones that work are those that Apple has for you to choose. I have been using photos that I have taken as a screen saver for years, but now all I get is a black screen.”

I managed to replicate this on a MacBook Air and got the screensaver black screen problem for all options that run with photos that you can select from a folder or photo album!

How To Fix ScreenSaver Not Working in macOS Monterey

Most likely, Apple will have to issue a fix for it in an upcoming software update!

Update: The macOS Monterey screen saver bug has been fixed in the macOS 12.1 software update! Fix is confirmed in the release notes as well, as by our own tests. Can you confirm it too? Use the comments section!

We’ve just submitted feedback (ID: FB9731040) regarding this black screen saver issue and used this article for reference.

So, if you encounter the same problem please confirm it in the comments section, to see how widespread the issue is. Do mention your Mac model.

Workaround For macOS Monterey Screensaver Bug

hello screensaver working in macos monterey
Until a fix becomes available, you can still use screen savers in macOS 12 as long as you pick a type that doesn’t require to access photos from a folder or album.

Screensavers that currently work in macOS 12 are: Monterey, Hello Drift, Flurry, Arabesque, Shell, Message, Album Artwork and Word of the Day.

macOS Monterey screensavers affected by the black screen glitch: Floating, Flip-up, Reflections, Origami, Shifting Tiles, Sliding Panels, Photo Mobile, Holiday Mobile, Photo Wall, Vintage Prints, Ken Burns and Classic.

How To Change Screen Saver on Mac

  • To update the screensaver in macOS Monterey you have to open System Preferences and click on Desktop & Screen Saver.
  • Browse the Screen Saver tab and select the desired type form the left sidebar!
  • Tip: I recommend you to check out the new macOS Monterey screen saver that animates the underwater canyon found in Monterey Bay, California, USA.

Have you found a better solution for Screensavers not working on Mac? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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