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unity wallpaper ios 16

Unity Wallpaper iOS 16: How To Set Up On Home & Lock Screen

Are you looking to find out how to set the Unity Wallpaper on your iPhone’s Home and Lock Screen? After you update to iOS 16.3, you’ll get two new stock background option in the new Unity section….

home climate lock screen widget

Climate Lock Screen Widget Shows Decimal Temp Values! [TIL]

Apple has unlocked the Temperature and Humidity sensors of the HomePod mini and the new HomePod 2. But did you know that the new Climate Lock Screen widget of the Home app is able to provide even more granular temperature readings?…

accidental lock screen edits

Accidental Lock Screen Edit Menu Triggers In iOS 16? Fix?

Are you accidentally opening Lock Screen edit mode after iOS 16 update? Customize wallpaper menu is triggered too easy when touching the screen? Here is what you can do to fix it!…

clock transparent iOS 16

Lock Screen Clock Transparent iOS 16 Issue? Time Invisible?

Lock Screen clock transparent on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Time and date become almost invisible no matter what font or color you pick? Problem persists in iOS 16.1.2 with Depth Effect turned off?…

clock too big ios 16

Clock Too Big iOS 16 Lock Screen Issue? [How To Edit]

Is the clock too big on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Numbers are very large on the Lock Screen? Are you looking for a way to edit the Clock widget and adjust the font size? You’re not the only one!…