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Extra Low Power mode iPhone shortcut.

Download iOS Shortcut For An Extra iPhone Low Power Mode

Apple has introduced the Low Power Mode in iOS 9, to help iPhone users to extend the usage time of their smart devices. However, the feature is still only an ON / OFF option available in the Control Center. It doesn’t come with additional configuration possibilities. Thanks to iOS 12 and the Shortcuts app, I’m…

iphone auto-lock greyed out and enabled

How To Enable Greyed Out Auto-Lock iPhone Setting

When some iOS functions become unavailable because of hardware or software errors or limitations, they turn grey, signaling that there is something wrong with the feature. When the icon or button is dimmed out, it becomes tap unresponsive, thus preventing you from enabling or modifying the specific setting. We recently showed you how to fix…

3D Touch Settings Shortcuts Menu

3D Touch Low Power Mode Shortcut With iOS 10

When Apple announced that the Control Center will receive a major revamp in iOS 10, we all expected that a Low Power Mode shortcut would find its way on the iOS controls card. To our dismay this wasn’t the case and although there have been numerous requests, Apple doesn’t consider such an addition appropriate yet….

low power mode automatically turned off

Tips To Keep iPhone Low Power Mode Always On

Battery lifetime has been an ongoing concern for iPhone users from all around the world. Even with the 6 and 6S models improved energy level resources, and the more and more efficient iOS versions, Apple users still need serious power management in order to make it through the day with a full charge cycle. That’s…

iphone low power mode feature

iPhone Low Power Mode With iOS 9

Apple has finally introduced an option, that when activated, it immediately starts saving power to prolong your iPhone’s battery lifetime. The feature is called Low Power Mode and can be enabled or disabled from Settings. I do expect though that by the time iOS 9 beta testing is over, the in-house developers will consider adding…