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greyed out download and install software update button

How To Fix Greyed Out Download and Install Software Update Button On iPhone And iPad

Upgrading to the most recent iOS versions is highly recommended in order to keep your iPhone and iPad up to date with the newest features and security improvements. Over-the-air installs is the most popular and easy way to grab the latest OS release for your Apple smartphone and tablet. However, in some rare situations the…

iphone auto-lock greyed out and enabled

How To Enable Greyed Out Auto-Lock iPhone Setting

When some iOS functions become unavailable because of hardware or software errors or limitations, they turn grey, signaling that there is something wrong with the feature. When the icon or button is dimmed out, it becomes tap unresponsive, thus preventing you from enabling or modifying the specific setting. We recently showed you how to fix…

greyed out iPhone wi-fi toggle

3 Solutions For Greyed Out iPhone Wi-Fi Icon And Spinning Bluetooth Wheel

We’ve recently received a support request from an iPhone 7 owner which complained that the Wi-Fi icon in his Control Center panel, as well as in the Settings menu displays as dimmed and asked us for a solution. Dimmed Wi-Fi and spinning Bluetooth wheel are rare errors nowadays. We didn’t have a similar inquiry from…