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a problem repeatedly occured on iPhone

A Problem Repeatedly Occurred In Safari On iPhone (iOS 16)

Are you getting the A problem repeatedly occurred error in Safari on iPhone running iOS 16? This has been reported during the beta stages. The issue is often caused by Safari Extensions that aren’t fine tuned for iOS 16 yet….

Apple Watch touch screen not working

Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Working In watchOS 9 (Fix !?)

Is your Apple Watch touch screen not working after watchOS 9 update? This issue has been reported by a series of Series 5 owners that are running watchOS 9 Public Beta. Restarting the watch doesn’t seem to help. Here is what else you can do….

cellular issue detected on iPhone

How To Fix Cellular Issue Detected On iPhone In iOS 16

Are you getting Cellular Issue Detected on iPhone? A poppup informs that there’s a problem with cellular data on your device and invites you to access Settings if you want to find out more info? This could be an early iOS 16 bug….

Instagram crashing on iPhone in iOS 16

Instagram Crashing On iPhone Randomly In iOS 16 (Fix!?)

Is Instagram crashing on iPhone when watching Reels in iOS 16? Does it happen when you play your own reels, watch other people’s stories or randomly while you browse the app? Inadvertences due to changes included in the iOS 16 Public Beta version and not updated Meta’s app for iOS….

Tiktok crashing in iOS 16

TikTok Crashing In iOS 16 Beta When Sharing Video? (Fix!?)

Is TikTok crashing in iOS 16 Public Beta? Does the app unexpectedly quit when you try to share a video? This is a widespread TikTok bug in theses early iOS 16 testing stages. Use the following workaround until Apple or ByteDance update their software with a patch….