Facebook Scrolling Problem? Feed Jumping In Safari (2023)?

facebook scrolling problem Safari on Mac

Facebook scrolling problem Safari on Mac.

Having Facebook scrolling problem on iPad and Mac? Feed content jumping around on its own when you browse Facebook in Safari? This auto scrolling issue started after updating to iOS 16.2 and macOS Ventura? You’re not alone!

Facebook Scrolling Problem In Safari?

facebook feed jumping around by itself in safari on ipad
This issue has been initially reported by Jennifer:

“Since upgrading my 8th generation 128g iPad to iPadOS 16.2 i am having problems with Facebook. the page won’t keep still to read. My husband has the same iPad and upgraded to 16.2 and he’s having the same problem.”

The Facebook scrolling glitch has been immediately confirmed by Karin:

“I am also having the same issue with Facebook feed auto scrolling when viewing in Safari.”

and Barbara:

“I am also having the same issue with Facebook after updating my iPad to iOS 16.2.”

We’ve tried to replicate this bug and indeed Facebook feed starts jumping around after about a minute of scrolling. The timeline seems to jump back and forth every time a scrolling motion ends and you want to stop to read the text!

Update 1: Facebook feed is also auto scrolling on Mac, if computer is updated to macOS Ventura, as reported by plotdoctor:

“I have same issue on both my MAC laptop running Venturi and iPad (OS16.2) using Safari, but not my old Mac desktop that runs Big Sur!”

Fact: Indeed glitch seems even more accentuated when browsing Facebook in Safari on Mac! The content jumps 5,6 times before stopping, while on iPad the auto scroll unfolds in only 3 stages!

How To Fix Facebook Feed Auto Scrolling In Safari

We’ve tried to quit Safari and re-open, doesn’t work. We’ve also rebooted the iPad and it doesn’t seem to help either.

Facebook must have changed something to the web version of its website and there doesn’t seem to be anything that you can do to fix this scrolling issue.

Hopefully Meta will be able to fix it server-side soon, as the problem is widespread. A thread opened on Apple’s discussion forums, yesterday has over 500 users confirming the scrolling glitch!

Update 4: Safari Facebook scrolling issue seems to have been fixed server-side by Meta. It’s been pointed out by cashxx and we can confirm it too:

“This seems to be fixed now. Had previous alerts that were enabled again and I checked scrolling and all is back to normal. Like they reverted a snapshot or something.”

Is the Facebook auto scrolling fixed for your Mac or iPad too? Confirm it in the comments! Else, use the troubleshooting options provided below:

Workaround For Facebook Scrolling Issue

At the moment, we could identify two ways to bypass this issue:

1. Facebook App for iPad

For the time being, we recommend you to use the Facebook app for iPad (direct link).

We’ve tested it out and the feed scrolls normally without jumping around!

Downside: There is not Facebook app for macOS, which means that this fix won’t for Mac users!

2. Change Internet Browser

facebook scrolling works in Chrome

If you want to continue using the web version on iPad, or you’re a Mac user, you can avoid the Facebook auto scrolling problem by switching Safari in favor of Microsoft Edge!

Aparently, Microsoft’s web browser won’t allow the FB feed to jump around by itself. Use this direct link to download it on your iPad.

Or this direct link, to download and install it on your Mac!

Credits: This workaround has been mentioned by danvin67.

Update 2: Google Chrome works too! Here is the download link for Mac and iPad. Thanks RGD for confirming.

More: Jeff informs that Facebook feed jumping around happens in Mozilla Firefox too, but hints that Brave browser (direct link) is not experiencing this glitch!

3. Change User Agent In Safari Developer Mode

fix facebook auto scrolling in safari on mac

  • 1. Click Safari, on Mac, in the top-right corner of the screen and go for Settings.
  • 2. Click on Advanced, far-right in the header.
  • 3. Check Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  • 4. Go for Develop -> User Agent and select one of the available agents. TB informs that Microsoft Edge – Windows fixes the Facebook scrolling problem for him. Does it work for you too? What about an other agent?

Facebook Feed Auto Scrolling In Older macOS and iOS Versions Too?

  • ThisIsAnnoying has confirmed this issue on macOS Monterey 12.6.2 and Safari 16.2 (17614., 17614).
  • Fact: We’re not sure yet what’s causing this problem, but it affects all recent Safari versions and it started all of a sudden on January 15th. This hints to a server-side change done by Meta to the Facebook desktop version. What’s your take?

    Update 3:

  • TB informs that he’s experiencing the same issue on macOS 10.14.6 running Safari 14.1.2!
  • Conclusion: This means that this Facebook scrolling problem affects most Safari version on macOS and iPadOS and iOS. This hints that the issue isn’t caused by an Apple software update, but more likely a Meta server-side update to the Facebook desktop version!

Have you managed to fix Facebook scrolling problem in Safari? Do you have a better solution or other issues to report? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

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