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iPhone 12 molds

iPhone 12 Molds For Case Manufacturers Confirm Flat Edges

A series of pictures representing iPhone 12 molds built for case manufacturers have been recently tweeted out by JinStore. These molds are usually created based on the leaked schematics of upcoming iPhone models. They’re vital to those case manufacturers that intend to provide new iPhone cases on launch day. The iPhone 12 lineup is expected…

iphone 7 protruding rear camera leak

iPhone 7 Leaked Photos Reveal Unaesthetic Protruding Camera

The more closer we get to the official iPhone 7 release date the more clearer it becomes that the upcoming Apple flagship won’t revolutionize the smartphone world, at least not design-wise. The rumors that claim that the upcoming iOS 10 powered device will look almost identical with its predecessors, the iPhone 6 and 6S, are…

iphone 6 plus curved screen

6 Tips to Avoid iPhone 6 Plus Bending

If you’re still considering whether to opt for the new iPhone 6 or its super-sized Plus model here is another ‘Feature’ that could throw the balance towards the 4.7″ display device. Until now, we discussed Pricing and Reachability differences of the two iDevices, but wait until you see the curved screen option! There is a…