Facebook Freezes On iPhone When Clicking Pictures (iOS 15)

Facebook freezes when clicking pictures

Facebook freezes when clicking pictures

Is Facebook freezing on iPhone when you click a photo to watch it full size? Does the screen become unresponsive and there’s no way to get out of fullscreen mode without force closing the app? This appears to be another iOS 15-related bug that occurs on the new iPhone 13 models!

Facebook Freezing When Clicking Pictures!

The issue was reported to us by Jenna on our iOS 15.0.1 review page:

“When I click on a photo in Facebook to see it full size, once the photo is open I can’t close it. It’s like the screen doesn’t recognize touch anymore…Using iPhone 13pro, have already updated to 15.0.1 and still experiencing the problem.”

It’s been also confirmed by Daria:

“Facebook freezes when I click on a photo here too. iPhone 13 Pro”

How To Fix Facebook Freezes On iPhone

Apply the following tips to troubleshoot this issue:

1. Force Close Facebook

how to force quit facebook on iphone
To manage to unfreeze your iPhone you have to swipe-up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the App Switcher. Next, swipe-up on the Facebook card to force quit the app.

Re-open Facebook and the app should work normally. Avoid tapping on a photo to view it in full size, because you risk to make the app unresponsive again!

Tip: Instead of closing Facebook you can use the App Switcher to pen another app. Immediately return to Facebook and frozen screen should be solved. Workaround provided by Robin.

2. Restart iPhone

Next up, you can reboot iPhone. A fresh start will clear any minor glitches that could cause the annoying Facebook freezes.

How to: You can turn Off iPhone and switch it back ON a few seconds later, or apply the force restart trick and reboot in a single step.

3. Reinstall Facebook

how to offload facebook on iphone
Facebook Freezes when clicking pictures can be solved by deleting and reinstalling the app. I recommend you to use the offload feature, to allow iOS to automatically restore your data when the application is installed back.

How to: Browse for Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Facebook -> Offload App -> Reinstall.

Have you managed to fix Facebook freezes when tapping a photo to watch it in full size? Did any of the tips provided above help out? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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