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Fitness+ workout freezing on iPad

How To Fix Fitness+ Workouts Stop (Freeze) On iPad & iPhone

Is Apple Fitness+ freezing on your iPad in the middle of a workout? Does the video stop and you have to unexpectedly abort the exercise routine? This seems to be a quite common Fitness+ connectivity problem! It’s similar to the Device Lost Connection error experienced by Apple TV users….

iphone x exposed to snow and cold

How To Fix Unresponsive iPhone X Screen Caused By Cold Temperatures

Is your brand new iPhone X not responding to taps and slides when you operate it in cold temperatures? Believe it or not, you’re not a the only one experiencing these problems. It seems that the 4-figure costly Apple flagships doesn’t like sudden temperature changes. A series of users have reported that the edge-to-edge OLED…

iphone 6 plus in snow

iPhone Freezing Temperatures Hibernation and iOS Bug

There are an increasing number of reports, from iPhone users, complaining about the fact that their devices are more vulnerable than expected, when exposed to freezing temperatures. The already described iOS extreme temperature hibernation mode, basically locks your iPhone and allows only emergency calls. It’s triggered when your smartphone is exposed for too long, to…