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photos freezes on ipad in ipados 16

Photos Freeze On iPad When Adding Picture To Shared Album?

Is Photos freezes on iPad when adding a picture to an existing Shared Album? You have to force quit Photos to troubleshoot and the image isn’t added to the Shared Album either? You’re not alone! This is a common iPadOS 16 issue….

screen recording not working iOS 16

Screen Recording Not Working iOS 16 Issue? 16.1.1 Too? (Fix)

Screen recording not working anymore after iOS 16 update? You’re not able to record your iPhone’s screen? Feature stopped working in iOS 16.1.1 too? Capture stops as soon as you leave the Control Center, or never starts once the countdown ends?…

ipad freezing ipados 16

iPad Freezing Up Frequently After iPadOS 16 Update? (Fix?)

iPad freezing frequently after iPadOS 16 update? Device becomes unresponsive for a good couple of seconds? Pressing the Home Button brings back the Home Screen after a significant delay? You’re not alone!…

macos ventura freezing

macOS Ventura Freezing Frequently? Mac Unresponsive? (Fix?)

Is macOS Ventura freezing your System frequently after update from Monterey? Mac unresponsive for several minute at a time? Mouse cursor continues to move on the screen but no input is registered? This happens even when you’re not performing heavy computation?…

iphone freezing when airpods connect

iPhone Freezing When Connecting AirPods In iOS 16 (Fix?)

Is your iPhone freezing when connecting AirPods after iOS 16 update? Device becomes fully unresponsive for more than ten seconds, before it self-recovers? Issue occurs intermittently when the device is locked?…