How To Fix Cellular Issue Detected On iPhone In iOS 16

cellular issue detected on iPhone

Cellular Issue Detected on iPhone in iOS 16

Are you getting Cellular Issue Detected on iPhone? A poppup informs that there’s a problem with cellular data on your device and invites you to access Settings if you want to find out more info? This could be an early iOS 16 bug.

Cellular Issue Detected On iPhone

This problem has been reported by Louis R. on our iOS 16 Public Beta review page:

“Having cellular data problems on iPhone 13 after upgrading to iOS 16 Beta!”

We couldn’t replicate this error, however a similar report has been shared on Reddit.

The Cellular Issue Detected popup informs:

“There’s an issue with your iPhone’s ability to access cellular data.”

How To Fix Cellular Issue Detected

This popup error comes with two options: Settings and OK. The first one represents a shortcut for the Mobile Data settings while the second simply allows you to acknowledge the info.

If you tap Settings you get more info including:

“An update is required to use Mobile Data on this iPhone.”

  • 1. Disable/Enable Cellular Data

    The first thing that you should try is to disable Cellular Data and turn it back On. You can do this in Settings -> Cellular, or in the Control Center using the Cellular Data On/Off button.

    Tip: You can also enable and disable Airplane Mode on iPhone to force the Cellular Data connection to restart!

  • 2. Reboot iPhone

    how to force restart iphone 12
    Next, a fresh start should flush minor glitches that could prevent iPhone to use cellular data.

    Tip: Use the force restart trick. Click & release Volume Up, Volume Down and next press & hold Side Button until the screen goes black and an Apple logo is displayed.

  • 3. Reinsert SIM

    how to eject iPhone 12 SIM tray
    Another user informs that he managed to get rid of the Cellular Issue Detected popup by removing and reinserting SIM card.

    Tip: Open the SIM tray with the dedicated SIM tray ejector tool, that should be found in the box that shipped together with your iPhone. You can also improvise one using a safety pin.

  • 4. Carrier Settings Update

    carrier settings update iphone
    iOS 16 changes might require your carrier to update setting. You can check if and update is available from your carrier in: Settings -> General -> About

Have you managed to fix Cellular Issue Detected on iPhone? Do you have a better solution? Share it in the comments.

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