Shortcuts Crashing On Launch In iOS 15.2 (Not Opening!!!)

Shortcuts crashing on iPhone

Shortcuts crashing on iPhone

Warning: Shortcuts crashing on launch in iOS 15.2 Beta 2! The app isn’t opening and is unusable! If you haven’t updated yet, be patient until we can assess how widespread this bug is!

Shortcuts Crashing iOS 15.2

As soon as I’ve updated to the iOS 15.2 Developer Beta 2 the Shortcuts app has become unusable on my iPhone 13 Pro. It’s crashing on startup every time!

I’ve force restarted the device but the issue persists!

How To Fix Shortcuts Crashing On iPhone

how to reinstall shortcuts
This looks like a serious iOS 15.2 Beta 2 bug. I can’t make Shortcuts to open not matter what. I tried the following:

  • 1. Open from Spotlight Search, App Library, Home Screen. Shortcuts crashes every time!
  • 2. Force Restart iPhone.
  • 3. Reinstall Shortcuts. (Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Shortcuts -> Offload App -> Reinstall)

If you heavily rely on Shortcuts don’t update to this beta yet!

If you saw this article too late and updated to Beta 2 please let us know if Shortcuts is crashing on launch for you too! Use the comments section to share your feedback!

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