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cannot connect to App Store error

Cannot Connect To App Store? Loading Circle? Not Working?

Getting the Cannot Connect to App Store error? Or, you see the loading circle on the screen and App Store is stuck, not working? This usually happens when Apple’s software market experiences a downtime!…

iPhone 14 pro camera lag

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Lag? Slow Loading, Acting Delayed?

Are you experiencing iPhone 14 Pro camera lag? Is the viewfinder loading slow when you open the stock Camera app. Swapping from Photo to Portrait is a couple of seconds delayed? Others are experiencing this too!…

iPhone spinning wheel next to battery indicator

8 Ways To Fix The iPhone’s Always Loading (Spinning Wheel) Internet Connectivity Indicator

Yes, I’m talking about the spinning wheel that appears right next to the Battery Percentage indicator, in the top-right corner of your iPhone’s screen. This “Loading” icon signals that your device is involved in an Internet data exchange with Apple’s servers or any other third party web machine. You can check this active Internet connectivity…