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how to favorite artist Apple Music

How To Add Favorite Artist On Apple Music In iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can add favorite artists on Apple Music. This way you’ll get better recommendations as well as notifications about new releases. This is a highly awaited feature that has been available with competitors like Spotify for a while now….

safari request desktop site trick

iOS Safari Request Desktop Site Trick

Mobile Internet traffic is constantly growing and it will soon become the predominant way of surfing the web. Most web developers are aware of this trend and are coating their websites with responsive templates. These have the role to notice when an user attempts to load a page from a mobile device and serves a…

ios favorites album

Favoritize Your Best Photos For Prioritized Viewing

It’s that time of the year when families come together and celebrate the holy days of Christmas. This is the moment when memories are debugged and people share their thoughts about the year that is about to end. It was during a similar family reunion, when the importance of the Photos app and its Favorites…

safari recently closed tabs

iOS Safari Recently Closed Tabs Shortcut

This is a trick that will improve the Safari browsing experience on your iPhone. Let’s imagine that you wish to revisit a website. But that page was loaded in a Safari tab that you already closed. If it’s a popular webpage you’ll have to retype the url. Else, you need to look after it again…