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reinstall app on iPhone

How To Reinstall App On iPhone Without Losing Data (Bug Fix)

Do you know that you can reinstall apps on iPhone without losing data? This iOS feature is called app offloading and is very helpful when you need to fresh install an application that crashes, glitches out or doesn’t work as expected….

This app is no longer shared iOS bug on iPhone

How To Fix “This App Is No Longer Shared With You” Bug

Are you trying to open apps on your iPhone or iPad and are prompted with the “This app is no longer shared with you” error message? You’re not the only one! A series of iOS users have experienced this problem over the weekend and have mailed us to ask for a fix. There’s a multitude…

offloaded apps to free up storage space

How To Manage App Offloading And Prevent Your iPhone From Self-Deleting Apps

Starting with iOS 11 Apple has introduced a new feature called “Offload Unused Apps” which allows your iPhone to self-delete apps in order to free-up storage. This option isn’t enabled by default but it could automatically kick-in when your iOS device runs out of storage space. Especially when you’re attempting to install a software update…