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youtube overheating iphone ios 16

YouTube Overheating iPhone iOS 16 Picture In Picture Mode?

YouTube overheating iPhone when playing videos in Picture in Picture mode? Device gets really hot after updating to iOS 16 and you have to stop playback to avoid battery damage? You’re not alone!…

YouTube PIP On iPhone in iOS 16

How To Fix YouTube PiP Not Working On iPhone And iPad

Is YouTube Picture-in-Picture not working on iPhone and iPad? Google has recently announced that this highly awaited feature is now available for all iOS and iPadOS devices. Nevertheless, there are a few requirements that have to be met….

how to watch YouTube videos picture in picture

How To Watch YouTube Videos Picture in Picture On iPhone In iOS 14

There has been a lot hype regarding the YouTube PiP feature over the last few weeks! iOS 14 has introduced native picture-in-picture functionality for iPhone. However, YouTube reacted immediately and restricted iOS and iPadOS users, from being able to multitask while watching videos in the app….

iOS 14 Picture-in-Picture feature.

How To Watch Picture-In-Picture Videos On iPhone (iOS 14)

In iOS 14 you can use your iPhone to multitask while continuing to watch videos. The Picture-in-Picture feature, also known as PIP, was first introduced to iPads in 2015. It’s now finally available system-wide on your iPhone. All that you have to do is to swipe-up while watching a video and the playback is shifted…