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Shazam Apple Music Classical support

Shazam Apple Music Classical Support Now Available [How To]

Shazam has been updated with support for Apple Music Classical. This means that whenever you search and find a classical song, you have the option to play it in the new app….

Shazam No Result bug

How To Fix Shazam Music Recognition Not Working (No Result)

Is Music Recognition not working on iPhone? Are you shazaming songs in iOS but the app returns a dull No Result notification, stating that ‘We were unable to find anything’. Is Shazam failing to recognize music every time no matter how popular or not a track is?…

Apple Music 5 months free

How To Get Apple Music Free For 5 Months With Shazam

Apple has just a new campaign to promote its premium music service during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Winter Holidays. You can now grab Apple Music 5 months free if you’ve never subscribed with this service before. Even, old subscribers, or users that have tried out Apple Music in the past can get a…

Shazam Music Recognition on iPhone in iOS 14

How To Use Shazam Music Recognition Feature On iPhone (iOS 14)

Apple has integrated the Shazam app into iOS 14. Ever since the release of iOS 14.2, iPhone owners can use the new Music Recognition feature. This new option can be quickly accessed thanks to a new Shazam toggle that can be added to the Control Center….

shazam working in offline mode

Shazam For iOS Also Available When iPhone Is Offline

Shazam, the popular music recognition software, that has been recently acquired by Apple, has received support for Offline mode. This means that your iPhone is able to name the songs that you’re listening even if no Internet connection is available. Actually, this statement is half true, because what the app does is listen and record…