10 Tips To Fix iPhone X And iPhone 8 Wi-Fi Problems

iPhone X Wi-Fi problem

iPhone X Wi-Fi problem.

Ever since the release of the 2017 iPhone lineup, users that have upgraded to the latest flagships, have reported various problems involving the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X Wi-Fi connectivity. Issues mentioning devices that display greyed out Wi-Fi option, incorrect password prompts, are not able to connect to a hotspot or when they do, the connectivity is spotty, and provides slow Internet data transfer speeds.

There isn’t a miracle fix which handles all these bugs. Most of them have found their way into iOS 11 and Apple will gradually eliminate them with upcoming software updates. But until this happens you can use the tips provided below to temporarily solve the Wi-Fi problems occurring on your iPhone.

How To Fix iPhone X And iPhone 8 Wi-Fi Issues

1. Software Update
As mentioned above, the first action that you can take in order to solve any Wi-Fi issue occurring on your iOS device is making sure that it runs the most recent iOS version released by Apple. At the time of writing iOS 11.1.2 is the most recent software update available.
Fact: Update are available over-the-air in the Settings app. Browse for General -> Software Update.

2. Enable/Disable Wi-Fi Antenna
If you’re trying to join a Wi-Fi network and you get the incorrect password prompt, although you’re sure that you type the correct string, you can turn OFF and ON the Wi-Fi receptors from the >Control Center.
Fact: Be aware of the new Wi-Fi toggle functionality in iOS 11 Control Center!

3. Forget / Rejoin Wi-Fi Network
If your iPhone is connected to a hotspot but no traffic is being exchanged try to troubleshoot the issue by forgetting the network and join it back a few moments later.
How To: Open Settings and tap on the Wi-Fi label. Tap on the network’s name and select the Forget This Network option. Confirm your selection by tapping Forget. Next, go back to the Wi-Fi settings menu, tap the same network again and attempt to join it by typing the password.

4. Hard Reboot
After making sure that your iOS software is up to date, the next step in troubleshooting a Wi-Fi issue is rebooting your iPhone to make sure that any temporarily glitch is wiped out. You can either power off the device and turn it back to or use the force restart shortcut.
Fact: The iPhone X and iPhone 8 hard reboot combo has changed, as explained here.

5. Reset Network Settings
The next troubleshooting step requires you to flush the cache, clear DHCP settings and refresh all other network related info. This is achieved with the help of the Reset Network Settings option available in the Settings -> General -> Reset menu.

6. Disable Wi-Fi Networking
Another way to fix potential Wi-Fi problems occurring on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 is achieved by disabling the Wi-Fi Networking feature from Location Services.
How To: Browse for Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services scroll all the way down for System Services and toggle Wi-Fi Networking OFF. This will only block your device from determining your location based on the Wi-Fi network info and not disable Wi-Fi completely.

7. Set DNS Manually
If the Wi-Fi issue is caused by your ISP you can attempt to set custom DNS services and debug the issue. Google provides free DNS that you can manually setup on your iPhone. Here is an extended article that I’ve previously written about how to manually change the DNS on an iPhone and iPad.

8. Wi-Fi Assist
It seems that some iPhone X and iPhone 8 Wi-Fi problems can be fixed by turning the Wi-Fi Assist feature OFF and back ON. Wi-Fi Assist allows your iPhone to use the cellular data plan when the Wi-Fi network doesn’t perform at optimal parameters.
How To: Wi-Fi Assist can be toggled from Settings. Tap on Cellular and use the knob to tweak it.

9. Disable VPN
Some of you might use a VPN connectivity to enhance privacy when browsing the web with an iPhone or iPad. Disable it from the Settings app or from the VPN’s specific app to see if this might be the cause of your iPhone X / iPhone 8 Wi-Fi problem.
How To: Open Settings and tap on the knob next to the VPN label to disable it, or browse for Settings -> General -> VPN and disconnect the service.

10. Restore iPhone
If none of the above works you have one more trick up your sleeve. Restore your iPhone and set it up as a new device to wipe out all the previous settings and hopefully get rid of the glitch that is preventing Wi-Fi from operating normally.