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AirPods Pro Popup Text missing

AirPods Pro Optimized Charging Popup Text Missing? (Fixed!)

Is the AirPods Pro Optimized Battery Charging popup not displaying text properly? You’re not getting the Turn off until tomorrow option, but see CHARGE_NOW_ACTION_TITLE instead? This is a glitch that surfaced during the iOS 15.2 beta testing stage….

AirPods cutting out on iPhone

AirPods Pro Cutting Out On iPhone After Firmware Update

Are your AirPods Pro cutting out on iPhone during music playback? Is the audio working intermittently with both Apple Music and Spotify streaming services? Does this happen after the latest firmware update?…

ANC not working on AirPods Pro

Active Noise Cancellation Not Working On AirPods Pro

Is Active Noise Cancellation not working on AirPods Pro? Does ANC disable itself automatically after you enable it in settings? Is the environmental sound not filtered out when you listen to music or are involved in a phone call?…

how to reset AirPods Pro

How To Reset AirPods Pro To Factory Settings (No iPhone?)

Do you want to reset AirPods Pro? This can be easily done as long as you have the charging case nearby. Ideally, you have to unpair the AirPods from iPhone and then perform the reset….

AirPods Pro with MagSafe Case

New AirPods Pro With MagSafe Charging Case v Wireless Case

Want to buy a pair of AirPods Pro but you’re confused by the fact that some are available with MagSafe charging case while others with a Wireless charging case? You don’t which you should pick?…